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Denim Shirt
White Shirt
Blue Jeans
Black Work Shoes
Silver Link Watch
Pint of Blood

Best Lee Everett Costume Guide

Lee Everett is another survivor from The Walking Dead, but he is better known as being the main protagonist in The Walking Dead video game. His decisions and personality are chosen by the player, but his main goal is to protect Clementine from the walkers and any other danger they come across. Voiced by Dave Fennoy, Lee Everett was once a professor at the University of Georgia, but now acts as a parental figure to Clementine. Get the look of the prisoner turned hero with this Lee Everett costume guide.

Get Lee Everett’s style for your next cosplay with a White Shirt layered underneath a Denim Shirt along with Blue Jeans and a pair of Black Work Shoes to make it through whatever terrain they come across. Finish off the look with a Silver Link Watch, an Axe, and a Pint of Blood. Apply a healthy amount of blood to the axe and your clothes to prove all the walkers you’ve killed!

Lee Everett Cosplay Costumes

Since Lee is trying to stay alive and has to fight off walkers in the process, his style needs to be smart and easy for him to maneuver at any given moment. Luckily for you, his costume consists of everyday clothing like a white shirt, denim shirt, jeans, and black boots. Whatever items you don’t have in your closet, you can easily find in a thrift store or even borrow from a friend. We recommend using a cheap watch for your costume since you’re bound to get fake blood all over it. You can find a fake axe and some fake blood at a costume shop. Make sure to add some fake blood on your clothes and axe to get the look of a survivor!

If you have a child or a younger sibling, get them to dress as Clementine to make this a killer group costume! Whether you’re on your own or have Clementine by your side, Lee Everett from The Walking Dead video game series is a great look for a comic-con event or Halloween party.

Lee Everett Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our Lee Everett costume guide. As a key character known for his leadership and moral choices, Lee’s attire is both practical and emblematic of his role in the game. This FAQ will guide you in replicating Lee’s look, perfect for cosplay, Halloween, or any themed event.

Lee's typical outfit is practical and suited for survival. It includes a white button-up shirt, often seen with rolled-up sleeves, layered under a dark brown jacket. He wears blue jeans and a sturdy pair of brown work boots. This attire reflects his practical approach to the challenges faced in the game.

Lee has a short, neat haircut and a well-trimmed beard. To replicate his look, aim for a clean and tidy hairstyle, and if you don't naturally have facial hair, consider using makeup or a fake beard to achieve his look.

Essential accessories for a Lee Everett costume include a fake walkie-talkie, to represent his communication with other characters, and a replica of his signature weapon, a hatchet or a similar tool. These items are key to representing his character's survivalist nature.

Lee's jacket is a distinctive part of his outfit. It's a dark brown, almost burgundy color, with a rugged appearance. If you can find a jacket with large pockets, it would add to the practical, survivalist aspect of the costume.

To bring your Lee Everett costume to life, consider using some of his memorable lines from the game: "I'm just trying to keep her safe.," "I'm gonna do what's best for Clementine.," "You don't just end it 'cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about.," "Sometimes, you have to hurt someone else to protect the people you care about." and "Keep that hair short, Clementine." These quotes capture Lee's protective nature and his role as a guardian and moral compass in the game, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Lee Everett

At the beginning of The Walking Dead video game, Lee Everett was a professor of History at the University of Georgia, but when he discovered his wife was sleeping with a state senator, he murdered the man and was sentenced to serve a life sentence in prison for his crime. Everything changed when the apocalypse of the undead broke loose on the city as he was being transported to prison!

After escaping, Lee came across a young girl named Clementine. He immediately taught her everything he knew about the undead and how to protect herself. She also had to learn how to keep safe from people who wanted to take advantage of her. In the game, the player has control over Lee. They make decisions for him and ultimately decide his personality. Lee is intelligent, strong, independent, and resourceful when it comes to staying alive from the walkers. Everything else about Lee is up to the player—what will you decide for him to be like?

Lee Everett

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