How to Dress like Carl Grimes

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Carl Grimes Costume Guide
Western Cowboy Hat
Plaid Flannel Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
Silk Eyepatch Costume Accessory
Short Straight Brown Hair
Modern Series Straight-Fit Jean
Dual Wild West Cowboy Sheriff Toy Pistols
Rubber Sole Winter Snow Rain Boots

Best Carl Grimes Costume Guide

Escape from the outbreak in costume as Carl Grimes, a main character in AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series played by Chandler Riggs. Thinking his dad, Rick Grimes, was dead, Carl escaped the apocalypse with his mother to a refugee camp in Atlanta. Join back up with your dad dressed in Short Straight Brown Hair, Western Cowboy Hat, Plaid Flannel Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt, Modern Series Straight-Fit Jeans, Rubber Sole Winter Snow Rain Boots, Silk Eyepatch Costume Accessory, and Dual Wild West Cowboy Sheriff Toy Pistols.

Carl Grimes Cosplay Costumes

AMC’s show “The Walking Dead” premiered in October of 2010 and became an instant hit. Fans and critics alike tune in every week to watch their favorite characters try to survive after a devastating zombie outbreak. The show mostly centers around the character Rick Grimes, but still has a large and varied cast of important characters. One such character is Rick’s son Carl Grimes. Fans of “The Walking Dead” will find that cosplaying as Carl couldn’t be easier. Start off with a plaid shirt, jeans, and a cowboy hat. Don’t forget Carl’s eyepatch! If your friends want to get involved and cosplay with you, have them dress up as Carl’s parents Rick and Lori, or even one of the show’s villains like Negan.

About Carl Grimes

In the first season of “The Walking Dead,” Carl is very shy and scared and often looks to his parents for help. As the show progresses, Carl becomes increasingly more independent and develops a desire to be an asset. He puts a lot of effort into training and becomes skilled with weapons. While Carl continues to mature, he still retains some of his child-like personality. However, as he witnesses more and more horrible events, Carl becomes hardened to the world around him and has a few moments of ruthlessness. Be sure to check out our website for photos to inspire your own Carl costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to our gallery!

Carl Grimes

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