How to Dress Like Carol Peletier (Wolf Disguise)

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Cinema Secrets Blood Gel
Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Rain Coat
Classic Paisley Bandana
Original Work Pant
Fake Rubber Knife
Airsoft Pistol
Zombie Dirt Makeup
Zip Tassel Ankle Riding Bootie

Best Carol Peletier (Wolf) Costume Guide

Dress up in the Wolves disguise Carol Peletier used in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2, when she attacked and killed the Wolves. Though appearing to be merely a homemaker, Carol is key in neutralizing the Wolves as they invaded the survivors in Alexandria. Use Carol’s disguise as a costume by dressing in a Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Original Work Pant, Rain Coat, Classic Paisley Bandana, Zip Tassel Ankle Riding Bootie, Zombie Dirt Makeup, and Cinema Secrets Blood Gel. Get all the weapons you need to take on the Wolves with a Fake Rubber Knife and Airsoft Pistol.

Carol Peletier (Wolf) Cosplay Costumes

Carol happens to be one of the toughest women in The Walking Dead series so we don’t blame you for wanting to cosplay as her this year. When the Wolves start to invade Alexandria and attack survivors, Carol decides to disguise herself as a fellow wolf. She’s unsuspecting as she pretends to be a homemaker but she eventually takes down the Wolves. Grab a few friends and have them dress up as the Wolves or as her group consisting of Rick Grimes and others to have an awesome group cosplay. We’d love to see photos of what you come up with for her!

The things you’ll need for this costume is a raincoat, fake blood to give yourself a more rugged look, a brown long-sleeve shirt, classic paisley bandana, black pants, fake rubber knife, airsoft pistol, dirt makeup and finally a pair of brown ankle boots.

Carol Peletier (Wolf) Costume Tips & FAQs

Venture into the gripping and intense world of “The Walking Dead” with our specialized costume guide FAQ for Carol Peletier in her wolf disguise. This guide is designed to assist fans in re-creating one of Carol’s most memorable and cunning survival strategies. Perfect for a themed event, cosplay, or just for celebrating a pivotal moment in the series, this guide will help you capture Carol’s resourcefulness and stealth in her wolf disguise.

Carol's wolf disguise is a masterful blend of stealth and intimidation. The outfit includes a long, dirty, and ragged poncho or coat, often with a dark and mottled appearance. Underneath, wear a dark shirt and pants similar to her usual survivor attire. The most distinctive feature is the wolf mask, which is a fearsome, blood-stained facade with sharp teeth and dark eye sockets.

Creating or obtaining a wolf mask is crucial for this disguise. You can either purchase a pre-made wolf mask and modify it with dark paint and fake blood for a more menacing and worn look, or you can craft one using materials like papier-mâché, fur fabric, and paint. The mask should cover the entire face and part of the head to achieve an authentic look.

In addition to the wolf mask, Carol carries weapons for self-defense, typically concealed to maintain her disguise. A mock knife or a replica gun can be added as props. Additionally, smearing dirt or dark makeup on exposed skin areas like hands and neck will enhance the disguise's gritty realism.

While in the wolf disguise, Carol displays a blend of stealth and aggression. Practice moving quietly and with purpose, adopting a slightly hunched posture to appear menacing. Her movements are calculated and swift, reflecting her intent to deceive and survive. Embodying this demeanor is key to an effective portrayal.

While Carol is mostly silent in her wolf disguise to maintain her cover, her actions speak volumes. Mimicking her silent but deadly approach, using cautious glances, and suddenly revealing your true identity (as Carol) to trusted allies can be impactful. You can also use hushed tones to say lines like: "We have to keep moving.," "Stay quiet. Follow my lead." and "This is how we survive." These actions and phrases capture the essence of Carol's wolf disguise—her cunning, her survival instinct, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her group.

About Carol Peletier (Wolf)

As one of the main characters of The Walking Dead, Carol evacuates with her husband Ed who happens to be abusive and her daughter Sophia where they meet up with a group of survivors. After witnessing what happens to her daughter, she learns that she has to gather her strength in order to survive as the last remaining member of her family. After the incident with her daughter, she eventually develops a close and loving bond with Daryl Dixon.

Besides learning to look after herself by gaining fighting skills, Carol also learns medical skills from Hershel Greene.

At the beginning of the series, Carol is a meek and soft-spoken woman but after many incidents, she starts to gain independence and stand up for herself. Towards the later seasons, you can see how strong and determined of a woman she is now after so many years fighting walkers and people.

Carol Peletier (Wolf)

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