How to Dress Like Carol Peletier (Wolf Disguise)

Cinema Secrets Blood Gel
Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Rain Coat
Classic Paisley Bandana
Original Work Pant
Fake Rubber Knife
Airsoft Pistol
Zombie Dirt Makeup
Zip Tassel Ankle Riding Bootie
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  2. Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Check Price
  3. Rain Coat Check Price
  4. Classic Paisley Bandana Check Price
  5. Original Work Pant Check Price
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Best Carol Peletier (Wolf) Costume Guide

Dress up in the Wolves disguise Carol Peletier used in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2, when she attacked and killed the Wolves. Though appearing to be merely a homemaker, Carol is key in neutralizing the Wolves as they invaded the survivors in Alexandria. Use Carol’s disguise as a costume by dressing in a Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Original Work Pant, Rain Coat, Classic Paisley Bandana, Zip Tassel Ankle Riding Bootie, Zombie Dirt Makeup, and Cinema Secrets Blood Gel. Get all the weapons you need to take on the Wolves with a Fake Rubber Knife and Airsoft Pistol.

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