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The best DIY cosplay tutorials to look like your favorite anime characters. Inspiration and ideas for dressing up with numerous manga costume guides.

Anime Costumes

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Top DIY Anime Costume and Cosplay Guides in 2024

For cosplaying the top male and female anime characters, you should never be at a loss for the best costume options. Costume Wall is the source for the top DIY anime, manga, and fantasy costume guides. From the more mainstream series like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon to the lesser known Yuri!!! on Ice and Seven Deadly Sins. Every specialized costume has a simple step-by-step guide, making it easy to recreate the exact looks of your favorite manga and anime characters. You can see how to dress up like Yugi Moto from Yu-gi-oh, Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Ruby Rose from RWBY. Worry about the next Comic-Con to attend, not what you’re going to wear!

The list of anime costumes is always growing on Costume Wall with new characters and series being added all the time. Find unique manga characters and series that aren’t mainstream, but are well known with the Japanese culture. Each costume tutorial has detailed information about each character including costume pieces, the place to buy each item, and what show or series the character appears in. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to track down every item you need for each costume. The DIY guides make it easy to buy each item, at the best price, without having to scour the web or a local costume shop.

Featuring top girl anime characters like Caulifla from Dragon Ball Z and Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell or popular guy characters like Speed Racer and Naruto Uzumaki. Many of these fantasy characters are found within the Costume Collections like Best Costumes for Women or Best Costumes for Blondes. Even if you don’t have a specific character in mind, you can check out your favorite manga titles to find all the cosplay options for RWBY, Hunter x Hunter, and Naruto costumes to be ready for anime-themed parties, comic-cons, or Halloween.