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The best DIY cosplay tutorials to look like your favorite comic book characters. Inspiration and ideas for dress up with hundreds of comics costume guides.

Comics Costumes

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Top DIY Comic Costume and Cosplay Guides in 2024

We’ve found favorites from the comic strips found in popular newspapers to the even lesser-known independent comic books. What first began as a new storytelling medium at the turn of the 20th century has in modern-day exploded in popularity. In fact, self-published webcomics have now become extremely popular with the rise of the internet. On Costume Wall, you’ll find the most popular comic characters costume guides. The DIY cosplay guides have step-by-step tutorials to help you get the same great look as top characters featured in gag cartoon, newspaper comic strips, and even graphic novels. Some of the most popular costumes are characters that appear in comics.

There’s no need to be a cosplay expert to ditch the chat bubbles and burst out of the comic panel dressed as the most well known comic characters. You have two distinct opportunities for the comics—newspaper comic strips and superhero comic books. Though different, both have a tremendous following. Comic strips feature some of the most lovable characters including Dilbert by Scott Adams, Peanuts by Charles Schulz, and Garfield by Jim Davis. Comic Books featuring the top superheroes that ushered in the golden age of comic books like Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Wonder Woman. To this day, men and women alike cosplay these iconic characters.

Comics have now expanded into a wide variety of genres. Especially now that the modern age of comics has opened the door for independent publishers. The major publishers like Marvel and DC Comics are losing talent to talented self-publishers. For you, this simply means a rise in the number of characters to cosplay. But, nothing more recently, has led to the mainstream popularity of comics as the cinematic version of Marvel’s Avengers franchise or DC Comics’ Justice League. But, the old-school characters like Charlie Brown and Archie Andrews are still just as popular as ever. Follow these DIY costume guides to help you look just like these characters.