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Saul Silver Costume Guide
Red And Yellow Plaid Pants
Thermal Crew Top
Pineapple Express T-shirt
Stainless Steel Wrist Watch
Sports Headband
Large Duffle Bag
Men's Loafer

Best Saul Silver Costume Guide

The helter-skelter, topsy-turvy world of the pot dealer, especially Saul Silver, who conducts his business from his apartment and spends the rest of his time staring at the tube watching sitcoms and looking at photos of Bubby, the grandma whom he simply adores. Played by James Franco, Saul is a drug expert that sells legendary weed that happens to put him right in the middle of a violent conspiracy. Get the look of the slacker drug dealer from the 2008 movie Pineapple Express with this Saul Silver costume guide.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of Saul Silver, the self-professed lover of the opera, in your next Cosplay outing. Look the part of the ever cool nothing-can-get-under-my-skin pot peddler with a canvas long sleeve jersey henley in white, gray T-shirt with the shark gobbling the kitten motif, Guatemalan handwoven pajama pants, the chill-looking Sanuk Vagabond slip-on sandals in khaki tones, and a glitzy chrome watch. It’s all good, bubba!

Saul Silver Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to float into rarefied Pineapple Express atmosphere of pot-peddling, opera-loving slacker, Saul Silver. Contemplate playing this hippie caught in a life-threatening dilemma involving a dangerous drug lord and a corrupt police officer who committed a heinous murder witnessed by Saul’s client, Dale Denton. Both Dale and Saul, who get inextricably involved, are forced to go through a conundrum of harrowing skirmishes trying to escape the clutches of the drug lord and his hitmen in Pineapple Express.

All the characters starring in Judd Apatow’s Pineapple Express offer awesome cosplay opportunities for you and your friends to dress up as Dale Denton the process server, Ted Jones the drug lord, Carol Brazier the corrupt cop, or the hitmen Budlofsky and Matheson. Cosplay to your hearts’ delights to match the look of the cast of characters that appear in this 2008 action comedy film co-written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

About Saul Silver

The story of Pineapple Express begins in 1937 on a military facility with a soldier under surveillance behind a 2-way mirror. The soldier, in a state of marijuana-induced euphoria, begins to reveal his dislikes for the army in great detail with unabated candor. On the other side of the mirror, a high-ranking officer reacts with blatant disapproval and directly orders the project to be terminated and marijuana declared illegal.

Cut to seventy-one years later and we see process server and habitual user of marijuana, Dale Denton, visiting his drug dealer, Saul Silver to buy some marijuana for himself and a client. Saul reveals to Dale that he knows who this customer is. Dale then drives to the home of his customer, Ted Jones, where he witnesses Ted and police officer, Carol Brazier, kill a man. As the plot unfolds, Saul Silver is implicated with no choice left for him and Dale except to flee from Ted and his henchmen.

Saul Silver

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