How to Dress Like Maggie Green

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Maggie Green Costume Guide
Rothco Tank Top
Right Handed Tactical Drop Leg Holster
Black Polyester Military SWAT Belt
Plastic Machete
505 Straight-Leg Jean
Cap Gun Super 007 Series
Women Knee High Boots

Best Maggie Green Costume Guide

Calling all survivors! One of the few left alive of from the original cast, Walking Dead’s Maggie Greene has gone from tragic to fantastic. Follow our guide to snag her look! First let’s talk weapons, begin with a Cap Gun Super 007 Series and a Plastic Machete. Now that you’re properly armed lets move on to her signature look. A pair of 505 Straight-Leg Jean belted with a Black Polyester Military SWAT Belt is a good start.

Add a sturdy pair of Women’s Knee High Boots and strap on a Right Handed Tactical Drop Leg Thigh Holster Pouch and you’re just about there! Cap off your look with a Rothco Tank Top, and you’ll have nailed Maggie Greene’s deadly style.

Maggie Green Cosplay Costumes

Okay cosplayers, if you’re looking for a fun and low-key character to bring to life, we recommend Walking Dead’s Maggie Greene. Luckily, most of these pieces you might already have in your closet which makes for an affordable cosplay. We suggest dark colors for this look, olive greens, blacks, and browns. A fitted tank and a comfy pair of skinny jeans, capped off with a pair of knee-high boots, which are totally optional, and you’re nearly there.

Any coordinated belt will do, but if you happen to have one of military grade lying around, it will do the trick. Now to arm yourself. Maggie is best known for her skill with a machete, which can easily be found at a local costume shop. Add a faux gun and holster, and you’ve nailed her costume. Muck yourself up a bit and muss your hair, killing zombies is messy work! Check out our featured pics for more ideas. We always welcome your pics as well!

About Maggie Green (Rhee)

Maggie Greene was innocent once, daughter of Hershel, tucked away on the Greene Family Farm she was untested and ignorant of the zombie apocalypse. Lucky for her and for those she loves, she’s a quick learner. Losing her entire family hardened Maggie and gave her the drive to fight. Leaving behind the Alexandria Safe Zone, Maggie relocates to the Hilltop Colony and comes into her own.

She gets heavily embroiled in the fight against the Saviors and becomes a powerful voice for the people who trust her. What started as a temporary arrangement with love interest Glenn soon evolved into true love. She is a seasoned fighter, a wife, mother and the de facto leader of her group. She is respected and looks out for the interest of her posse. However, not everyone likes her; some might think she is a little too vested in her followers as she fights and kills to protect them.

Maggie Green

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