How to Dress Like Rosita Espinosa

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Khaki Twill Cap
Army Green Button-down Shirt
Heather Grey Short Sleeve Crop Top
Olive Green Cargo Shorts
2" Gold Plated Hoop Earrings
Leather Bracelets
Western Style Oval Buckle Belt
Lightweight Fingerless Gloves
Black Lace Up Combat Boots
All-Season Boot Sock
Rubber Training Gun
Tactical Pistol Hand Gun Holster

Best Rosita Espinosa Costume Guide

Rosita Espinosa is one of the most capable survivors in the AMC horror series, The Walking Dead. She has a no-nonsense attitude towards life in general. She is one of the rare women whose fighting skills are on par and in some cases better than most men. Being an army woman, Rosita often dresses entirely in military green colors with a little bit of a flair.

Start by layering a Heather Grey Short Sleeve Crop Top and an Army Green Button-down Shirt. Then, wear a simple Olive Green Cargo Short buckled with Western Style Oval Buckle Belt. The footwear follows the same army theme with Rosita dressed in a practical All-Season Boot Sock and Black Lace-up Combat Boots. For the final touches, wear her favorite Khaki Twill Cap, 2″ Gold Plated Hoop Earrings, and stylish Leather Bracelets. Just like Rosita, put your Rubber Training Gun into your Tactical Pistol Hand Gun Holster. Believe us; you’ll need it!

Rosita Espinosa Cosplay Costumes

Rosita Espinosa’s style reflects her serious attitude. To do her character justice, you’ll need to style your hair in pigtails. Next, cover your entire body in as much dirt as you can find. Fake blood too, if you can get hold of it for an authentic post-apocalyptic look.

Even though she is a strong woman, she doesn’t do too well on her own. She’s hot headed and needs someone to bring her to her senses. So, gather up your friends and ask them to dress as their favorite survivor. Create the ultimate team up and help each other in this cruel post-apocalyptic world. Maybe you’ll even be able to kill Negan, the leader of the Saviors! To make things easier, Costume Wall has costume guides of all the characters from The Walking Dead series. So, for cosplay inspiration, don’t go anywhere else! And after you’ve made your survivor dream team, remember to take a picture and share it with us!

Rosita Espinosa Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our costume guide for Rosita Espinosa, the resilient and resourceful survivor known for her tactical skills and no-nonsense attitude. Portrayed by Christian Serratos, Rosita’s look is both practical and distinctive, embodying her toughness and adaptability in the face of danger. This guide will help you recreate her iconic style for cosplay events, themed parties, or any occasion where you want to channel the spirit of a true survivor.

Rosita Espinosa's outfit is geared towards survival and practicality. Key components include a fitted olive-green or khaki military-style shirt, tight dark jeans or cargo pants, and a pair of sturdy combat boots. She often wears a red bandana around her neck and a baseball cap. Rosita is also seen with various tactical accessories, like a utility belt, a holster for her weapon, and sometimes a sleeveless denim vest.

Rosita has long, dark hair, often styled in loose waves or pulled back in practical styles like a ponytail or bun. For makeup, go for a natural, minimalistic look, focusing on a light foundation, some contouring to accentuate facial features, and neutral tones. Given the survival setting, her makeup is subtle and understated.

For footwear, Rosita wears black or dark brown combat boots. The boots should be practical and rugged, suitable for the demands of a post-apocalyptic environment. They should also provide good ankle support, reflecting their utility for constant movement and action.

Key accessories for Rosita's costume include a red bandana tied around the neck, a baseball cap (often worn backwards), and tactical gear like a utility belt, a gun holster, and sometimes gloves. You might also carry prop weapons like a pistol or a knife to complete the survivalist look, ensuring they comply with safety and convention rules.

Rosita is known for her tough and direct demeanor. Here are some memorable quotes: "I'm not dying until I'm damn good and ready.," "We fight for our future. We don’t fight for revenge.," "You can use me for my skills.," "There’s a whole world out there.," and "You think you can just take what you want. Things aren’t like that anymore." These quotes capture Rosita's strong-willed nature, her survival instincts, and her commitment to her group, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this resilient character.

About Rosita Espinosa

Not much is known about Rosita Espinosa, other than that she came from a “family of men.” We feel this is a nod to the time she spent in the army as a soldier before the zombie outbreak. Once, in passing, she mentioned her sister and her nephew. But whether they are dead or alive, no one knows for sure. As a former soldier, Rosita is skilled in combat. She’s proficient with both hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla warfare. She’s a mechanic as well, or at least knows a thing or two about machines.

Rosita Espinosa doesn’t like idiots. And especially doesn’t like it when people kill her friends. The best part? She’s not helpless and can do something about it. Her biggest weakness though is her thirst for revenge and how it clouds her mind making her unable to think strategically. But in the end, it only reveals her complex personality. Under her tough shell, lies a girl who’s capable of caring and loving.

Rosita Espinosa

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