How to Dress Like Paul “Jesus” Rovia

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Grey Knit Hat
Forum Novelties Brown Sideburns
Long Hair Brown Costume Wig
Forum Novelties Long Brown Goatee
Giovanni Navarre Leather Trench Coat
Dickies Diamond Quilted Nylon Vest
F&L CLASSIC 3 Grommet Holes Leather Belt
Dorfman Pacific Leather Gloves
5075 Black Combat Boot

Best Paul "Jesus" Monroe Costume Guide

Paul “Jesus” Monroe is the antithesis of most of the characters in The Walking Dead television series. With a nickname like “Jesus,” it’s not hard to see why. Follow his cosplay guide, and we’ll have you walking on water at your next cosplay convention, not exactly, but you get the point. The costume starts with a Grey Knit Hat over a Long Brown Hair Wig, Brown Sideburns, and a Long Brown Goatee.

For his clothing, choose a Leather Trench Coat and a Dickies Diamond Quilted Nylon Vest. We accessorized the look with a 3 Grommet Holes Leather Belt, Dorfman Pacific Leather Gloves, and a rugged pair of Black Combat Boots.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe Cosplay Costumes

By far the saintliest of characters from the comic and television series, The Walking Dead, is Paul “Jesus” Monroe. He is the definition of a nice guy bad ass. He’s also super easy to cosplay. You or someone you know probably already have nearly all the pieces to get his look. If you have a beard, you’re more than half-way there. Those not blessed with long locks and a serviceable beard can always pick one up at a local costume shop or even online.

Add a knit hat along with Paul’s trademark layered—look, coat, vest, shirt, and jeans. You can always accessorize with a long blade. For group cosplay, you can naturally include his BFFs Rick Grimes or Maggie Green and Carl Grimes. And Walkers are always a welcome sight if you’re into that sort of thing. Be sure to check out the featured cosplay pics for even more style ideas.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our costume guide FAQ for Paul “Jesus” Rovia, a character known for his resourcefulness, martial arts skills, and distinctive appearance. Jesus is a key figure in the series, recognized for his calm demeanor, long hair, and bearded look, combined with his practical yet distinctive outfit. This guide is designed for fans and cosplayers who wish to embody Jesus’s unique style at themed events, cosplay conventions, or gatherings celebrating “The Walking Dead.”

Paul "Jesus" Rovia's outfit is a mix of practicality and style. Essential components include a long-sleeved black or dark gray shirt, a black or dark-colored vest with multiple pockets, dark jeans or cargo pants, and a long, lightweight trench coat or duster. He wears durable, lace-up boots and often sports a beanie or knit cap. Jesus is known for his long, dark hair and full beard, adding to his distinctive look.

Jesus has long, dark hair, often tied back, and a full, well-groomed beard. To replicate his look, use a long, dark wig styled in a low ponytail, and a matching fake beard or style your own hair and beard if they are similar in length and texture.

Jesus wears sturdy, dark-colored, lace-up boots suitable for the demands of a post-apocalyptic world. Choose boots that are practical and rugged, fitting his survivalist lifestyle.

Key accessories for a Jesus costume include his knit cap or beanie, which he is often seen wearing. Additionally, equipping yourself with props like a utility belt with pouches and holsters, a replica of his knife or sidearm, and a walkie-talkie can add authenticity to the costume, reflecting his role as a scout and a fighter.

Jesus is known for his wisdom and strategic thinking. Here are some memorable quotes: "Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger.," "I'm not a very good prisoner, so I don't become one.," "We take, we don't bother.," "My name's Paul Rovia. But my friends used to call me Jesus." and "It's not about what you want." These quotes capture Jesus's philosophical approach, his survival skills, and his calm yet assertive demeanor, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Paul is genuinely a good guy. A highly rational thinker and adviser, he places a high regard for justice and equality. Initially mistrusted by Rick, he earns his trust and eventually considers him a close friend. Paul is logical and quietly humorous and is the first to speak out against injustice. He actively suggests tasks be accomplished for the protection of the group. As a gifted tactician, he works with others within the group for the greater good and survival of his people.

He earned the nickname “Jesus” because of his beard and penchant for peacemaking, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and his ability to escape is unmatched. He fights against the Saviors and manages to save Rick Grimes and his people against a group 20 men. Paul firmly believes that Rick is the one to lead them into the future, and he’s willing to fight and kill to see him succeed.


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