How to Dress Like Carol Peletier

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Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt
Wavy Short Hair Full Wig
Backpackers Cargo Pants
Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Classic Smooth Faux Leather Belt
Quilted Zipper Accent Riding Boots
Horizontal Phone Pouch
Tactical Rubber Bayonet Training Knife with Sheath

Best Carol Peletier Costume Guide

Get in costume as Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, as you flee to the safe zone in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. As the only member of her family, Carol makes a close bond with fellow survivor Daryl Dixon. She also becomes an advisor to the group leader, Rick Grimes, due to her intelligence and resourcefulness. Dress like Carol in a Wavy Short Hair Full Wig, Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt, Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Backpackers Cargo Pants, Classic Smooth Faux Leather Belt, Horizontal Phone Pouch, Tactical Rubber Bayonet Training Knife with Sheath, and a pair of Quilted Zipper Accent Riding Boots.

Carol Peletier Cosplay Costumes

The main character of The Walking Dead and an incredible fighter, Carol has shown that she can definitely hold her own in the apocalypse. Carol also becomes an advisor to Rick Grimes thanks to her intelligence and her ability to be quite resourceful. If you wish to dress as Carol this year, you would also have a great costume on hand to do a group cosplay if you have friends who will dress up as other survivors. If you do happen to do a group cosplay, we’d love to see photos of how it turned out so we can feature them on our site.

The things you’ll need to complete your Carol costume are a long sleeve tactical shirt, a wavy short hair wig if required, cargo pants, red long-sleeve shirt, leather belt, black riding boots, phone pouch and a rubber training knife with sheath.

Carol Peletier Costume Tips & FAQs

Navigate the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Carol Peletier, one of the show’s most dynamic and resilient characters. This guide aims to help fans accurately recreate Carol’s distinctive look, which has evolved from a meek housewife to a tough survivor. Whether you’re attending a fan convention, a themed party, or just celebrating your love for the series, we’ve compiled the essential information to embody Carol’s survivor spirit.

Carol's outfit reflects her transformation into a hardened survivor. Key elements include a practical, fitted, long-sleeve shirt, often in earth tones or plaid patterns. She typically wears dark, durable pants and a sturdy, fitted jacket or a vest with multiple pockets. Carol is also known for her signature combat boots, which are essential for any rough terrain.

Carol's hair has varied throughout the series. In the earlier seasons, she had a shorter, more conservative hairstyle, but as the series progresses, her hair becomes longer and more rugged. Depending on which version of Carol you're portraying, you can opt for a short, neat wig or a longer, slightly tousled one, both in a light gray or blonde shade.

Carol often carries a knife or a small handgun, which are crucial for her survival. These can be replicated with safe, costume props. Additionally, a key accessory for later-season Carol is a beaded W (representing the Wolves) or an A (representing Alexandria) that she wears around her neck, symbolizing her journey and experiences.

Carol's makeup is minimal, emphasizing a natural, weathered look. Use a light foundation or face paint to create a slightly dirty, sun-exposed appearance. Subtle dark circles under the eyes can reflect the weariness of a survivor. Her overall look is rugged and practical, showcasing her evolution from a suburban housewife to a survivor.

Including quotes from Carol can add depth to your portrayal. Here are some memorable lines: "You need to know something. You started something last night, and now it's done.," "I could have pretended that everything was going to be fine. But I didn't. I did something.," "I don't want anyone else to die.," "These people are children, and children like stories." and "Just look at the flowers." These quotes capture Carol's complex character, showing her protective nature, her pragmatism, and the tough decisions she's had to make.

About Carol Peletier

Carol has come quite a long way since her first days in The Walking Dead series. She was a very timid and soft-spoken woman when she first met up with the survivor group but after a few terrible incidents including watching her abusive husband being almost beaten to death and her daughter died, she knew she had to gain her independence and grow stronger. As the last remaining member of the Peletier household, Carol knows she has to hold her own against dangers such as Walkers and other people. She is not afraid to take matters into her own hands and take down any threats to her or her group even if it includes sick survivors. Because of her intelligence and wisdom, she quickly becomes Rick’s confidant and advisor.

Carol is also responsible for taking down Alexandria’s threat, the Wolves by dressing in a disguise and working from the inside.

Carol Peletier

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