How to Dress like Abraham Ford

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The Man Moustache
Survival Bracelet
Orange Hairspray
Grey Tank Top
Leather Sheath
Lightweight Fingerless Gloves
Relaxed Straight Twill Cargo Pant
40Mm Bridle With Double-Stitch-Row Belt
Belt And Holster
Powerline 340 Pistol
Descender 15401 Uniform Boots

Best Abraham Ford Costume Guide

Dress in costume as the former Army sergeant Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudlitz, who attempts to escort Dr. Eugene Porter to Washington D.C. to get a cure in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. As Ford passes through Atlanta, he meets up and joins Rick Grimes’ group. Though Abraham Ford is a skilled shooter, his violent outbursts cause him to lose the respect of the group initially. Fend off the walkers dressed in a Grey Tank Top, Relaxed Straight Twill Cargo Pant, Lightweight Fingerless Gloves, Survival Bracelet, and Descender 15401 Uniform Boots. Get the full cosplay costume by adding Orange Hairspray, The Man Moustache, Belt And Holster, Powerline 340 Pistol, Leather Sheath, and 40Mm Bridle With Double-Stitch-Row Belt.

Abraham Ford Cosplay Costumes

Are you ready to cosplay someone who kills zombies for a living and looks cool while doing so? Abraham Ford is one of the main characters from the popular show, The Walking Dead and he’s quite a fan favorite. Cosplay him with a few friends going as Rick or Rosita and you’re sure to be a hit wherever you go! If you wish to replicate his look, you’ll need to start with orange hair spray and a fake mustache if you don’t have one. His outfit contains quite a bit in order to protect and provide against the zombies so you’ll have a few items such as a survival bracelet, leather sheath and a belt and holster along with a fake pistol. Find a grey tank top, a pair of cargo pants and leather gloves along with combat boots and you’ll be much closer to looking like this rugged character. Having a scowl on your face for the majority of the time will probably also help you replicate who is since he tends to usually look rather grumpy. Look at our featured photos to really get an idea of how to cosplay this character to perfection and send us over a few of your own as we’d love to see what you come up with!

Abraham Ford Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Walking Dead” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Abraham Ford, the tough and often humorously blunt survivor known for his distinctive style and memorable one-liners. This guide will assist you in capturing Abraham’s unique look, marked by his military background and his no-nonsense approach to the zombie apocalypse.

Abraham Ford's signature style includes a military-style green cargo jacket or shirt, a grey bandana around his neck, a plain white T-shirt, and army green cargo pants. He completes his look with combat boots and often carries a weapon, reflecting his military background and survivalist mentality.

To recreate Abraham's military look, find a green cargo jacket or a rugged military shirt. Pair this with army green cargo pants that have plenty of pockets, embodying his practical and ready-for-action character. The clothes should look worn and durable, as if they've been through tough situations.

Abraham wears sturdy, dark combat boots that are practical for the challenges of the zombie apocalypse. Choose boots that are rugged, lace-up, and have a strong grip sole for an authentic and practical look.

Abraham Ford is known for his bright red hair and matching handlebar mustache, which are key to his distinctive appearance. If you have similar hair, style it in a crew cut and shape your facial hair into a prominent mustache. For those without red hair, consider using a temporary hair color spray or a wig and a fake mustache.

Including Abraham's quotes will bring a realistic touch to your cosplay. Here are some memorable ones: "When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?," "I'm fit as a damn fiddle.," "Son of a dick!," "There's a vast ocean of shit that you people don't know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit... and then some." and "Dolphin smooth." These quotes capture Abraham Ford's blunt, humorous, and often colorful way of expressing himself, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of his character.

About Abraham Ford

Abraham is a character that looks rather rugged and difficult to get along with on the surface but you’ll soon discover he can be quite sensitive underneath his tough exterior. He survived with his family early on in the apocalypse but after a few events changed that, he soon crossed with Eugene Porter after losing his family. Partnered with Eugene and Rosita Espinosa, the group was on their way to Washington before crossing paths with Rick Grimes and his people whom he eventually joined forces with. He’s a character that many may misunderstand at first but after a few interactions, you’ll get a better understanding of his intentions and purpose in this life. He appears in quite a few seasons of the show until the writers make an unanimous decision on his fate. Because of his wise speeches and his strong determination, he’s easily a character that people will remember for quite some time.

Abraham Ford

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