How to Dress like Abraham Ford

The Man Moustache
Survival Bracelet
Orange Hairspray
Grey Tank Top
Leather Sheath
Lightweight Fingerless Gloves
Relaxed Straight Twill Cargo Pant
40Mm Bridle With Double-Stitch-Row Belt
Belt And Holster
Powerline 340 Pistol
Descender 15401 Uniform Boots
  1. The Man Moustache Check Price
  2. Survival Bracelet Check Price
  3. Orange Hairspray Check Price
  4. Grey Tank Top Check Price
  5. Leather Sheath Check Price
  6. Lightweight Fingerless Gloves Check Price
  7. Relaxed Straight Twill Cargo Pant Check Price
  8. 40Mm Bridle With Double-Stitch-Row Belt Check Price
  9. Belt And Holster Check Price
  10. Powerline 340 Pistol Check Price
  11. Descender 15401 Uniform Boots Check Price

Best Abraham Ford Costume Guide

Dress in costume as the former Army sergeant Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudlitz, who attempts to escort Dr. Eugene Porter to Washington D.C. to get a cure in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. As Ford passes through Atlanta, he meets up and joins Rick Grimes’ group. Though Abraham Ford is a skilled shooter, his violent outbursts cause him to lose the respect of the group initially. Fend off the walkers dressed in a Grey Tank Top, Relaxed Straight Twill Cargo Pant, Lightweight Fingerless Gloves, Survival Bracelet, and Descender 15401 Uniform Boots. Get the full cosplay costume by adding Orange Hairspray, The Man Moustache, Belt And Holster, Powerline 340 Pistol, Leather Sheath, and 40Mm Bridle With Double-Stitch-Row Belt.

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