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Despicable Me Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Despicable Me Characters

Dressing up as your favorite Despicable Me character has never been easier. This award-winning animated franchise features two sequels, Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3. The franchise also featured two prequels, Minions, and the upcoming film Minions 2: The Rise of Gru. Whether you want to put on your bad-guy face to become Gru or join the good guys and become Special Agent Lucy Wilde, there’s an easy-to-follow guide for you. Become your favorite Despicable Me character whether it’s for a cosplay event, a costume party, or even Halloween.

Agnes Gru

Agnes Gru Costume

Agnes Gru is arguably the most adorable of the Gru children. She’s the youngest of the three with a spunky attitude and a positive outlook. Agnes adores unicorns and candy. Her hair is always in her signature straight-up ponytail. You can easily emulate her outfit with a striped t-shirt and denim overalls. Once you have the clothes, adding the perfect accessories really makes this Despicable Me costume. And for Agnes, the most important is her red scrunchie and unicorn stuffie. With our DIY Agnes Gru costume guide, finding the right pieces for the costume should be easy as pie!

Agnes Gru Costume
Agnes Gru Costume Guide

Gru Costume

Gru loves all things evil. And you can’t be the evilest man in the world without looking the part. The DIY Gru costume will help you get what you need. His ultimate goal is to be the World’s evilest person. But, Gue seems to be constantly undermined by his archnemesis Vector. So, he adopts a gaggle of children to help achieve his big plans. If your ultimate goal is to be Gru for a day, it’s time to dress the part. Achieve his evil look with the signature turtle neck sweater and zip-up jacket. Add in a few accessories and this Despicable Me costume will be perfect!

Gru Costume
Gru Costume Guide

Despicable Me Cosplay Costumes

Despicable Me is a wildly popular family-friendly movie, making it a great opportunity for an extended family cosplay. Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde as the parents and Margo, Edith, and Agnes as the children. You can always dress up your pets as the Minions. Dressed up together, your family will have a killer group costume.

You will be sure to catch some attention during the Halloween season. Follow these handy step-by-step Despicable Me costume guides to put together a close replica of each character’s look. Whether you want to be on the good or bad side, this film franchise has some great choices for you!

Despicable Me Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the whimsical and heartwarming world of “Despicable Me,” where supervillain Gru embarks on a journey from solitary criminal mastermind to loving father of three adopted daughters, all while managing an army of mischievous Minions. Whether you’re drawn to Gru’s transformation, the adorable mischief of the Minions, the spunky spirit of Margo, Edith, and Agnes, or the array of other characters, this FAQ section will guide you through creating costumes that capture the essence of the film series for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a blend of villainy and family values.

To cosplay as Gru, focus on his distinctive look: a long, black coat with a gray scarf, black pants, and a bald cap to mimic his nearly hairless head. Gru’s large, pointed nose is a key feature, which can be achieved with makeup or a prosthetic. Don’t forget to include his signature striped scarf. Carrying a freeze ray gun prop can enhance the authenticity of your costume. Embodying Gru’s Eastern European accent and his transition from villain to doting father will bring depth to your portrayal.

For a Minion costume, wear a yellow shirt and blue overalls, with the Gru logo on the front pocket. Creating or purchasing a Minion headpiece or hat, complete with large, goggle-like eyes, is essential. You can choose to be a one-eyed or two-eyed Minion. Adding black gloves and boots will complete the look. Embodying the Minions’ playful and loyal nature, along with their unique language and love for bananas, will enhance your portrayal.

To cosplay as Margo, wear a green-striped shirt with a tan jacket, jeans, and glasses. For Edith, opt for a pink striped hat, a red scarf, and a white dress with leggings underneath. Agnes’s costume includes a yellow striped shirt, denim overalls, and a red hairband, along with her beloved fluffy unicorn plush. Adopting each girl’s personality—Margo’s cautious maturity, Edith’s adventurous spirit, and Agnes’s innocence and love for unicorns—will bring authenticity to your costume.

A Dr. Nefario costume requires a lab coat, black gloves, and black pants. Adding details like a bald cap, round glasses, and a fake hearing aid will capture his appearance. Carrying props like a beaker or a faux potion bottle can reference his role as Gru’s gadgeteer. Embodying Dr. Nefario’s scientific genius, his deadpan humor, and his loyalty to Gru and the girls will complete your portrayal.

Including memorable quotes from “Despicable Me” can add character and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” – Agnes, expressing her love for a plush unicorn

“Banana!” – The Minions, showcasing their obsession

“I’m not a bad guy. I’m just a bad guy.” – Gru, explaining his role to the girls

“Why are you so old?” – Agnes, innocently questioning Dr. Nefario’s age

“No, no, no! I said dart gun, not… Okay.” – Gru, dealing with the Minions’ antics

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate emotion and timing for a truly immersive experience.

About Despicable Me

Despicable Me is an animated family comedy about a supervillain named Gru. He loves all things evil and surrounds himself with a team of tiny henchmen called minions. Gru desperate to wants to one-up his rival by stealing the moon. This is an expensive feat which the Bank of Evil is willing to back, pending he can get his hands on the necessary shrink ray. Gru manages to steal the shrink ray, but his nemesis Vector steals it right from under him.

Unable to enter Vector’s lair to steal it back, Gru adopts three orphan girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes thinking he can simply ditch them later. Unfortunately for him, the bond they build is more than Gru was hoping for. This adorable family-friendly film has some fantastic costumes ideas. Use these easy-to-follow DIY Despicable Me costume guides to put together something deliciously evil looks.

Despicable Me Costumes