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Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
Blue Jeans
Nylon Patches
Brown Belt
Oversized Glasses
Short Layered Wig
Converse Sneakers

Best Andrew Glouberman Costume Guide

Andrew Glouberman is one of the main characters on the Netflix animated show, Big Mouth. The hilarious show is based on puberty-filled lives of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. Along with his best friend Nick Birch, Andrew is learning all about his body and how to survive through puberty! Andrew, voiced by John Mulaney, is the early bloomer of the group, so he is experiencing all of these drastic changes before any of his other friends. Get the look of the nerdy Jewish teen with this Andrew Glouberman costume guide.

You can cosplay the adolescent boy, Andrew Glouberman, with a Long Sleeve Polo shirt that has Nylon Patches attached at the elbows. Throw on a pair of Blue Jeans with a Brown Belt and Converse Sneakers. Andrew also wears a pair of Oversized Glasses and you can get his hairstyle with a Short Layered Wig. With this look, you’ll match the hilarious character going through puberty!

Andrew Glouberman Cosplay Costumes

You don’t need a sign on your head to show that you’re going through puberty! Although, Andrew Glouberman from the Netflix show Big Mouth has a small mustache that’s just barely showing that gives his secrets away. You can dress just like Andrew with a few items that you probably already have stashed away in your closet. Dig out a basic long sleeve polo that you can attach patches to the elbows. Then, throw on a pair of jeans, a brown belt, and some Converse sneakers. You can find a similar wig that matches Andrew’s hairstyle at a costume shop along with fake glasses. Welcome to puberty!

Andrew Glouberman is going through awkward years right alongside his classmates, so grab a couple of your friends to dress as Nick Birch, Jessi Glaser, and maybe even the Hormone Monster to really bring a group costume look to life! We definitely want to see a picture of your Big Mouth costumes especially if it’s on the same maturity level as the Netflix show!

Andrew Glouberman Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the humorous and sometimes awkward world of “Big Mouth” with our Andrew Glouberman costume guide. Known for his quirky personality and relatable teenage struggles, Andrew’s outfit captures the essence of his character’s adolescent experience. This FAQ will guide you through recreating Andrew’s look, ideal for fans looking to pay homage to this beloved character at parties, conventions, or other themed events.

Andrew's outfit is a classic representation of a teenage boy's casual wardrobe. It consists of a light blue, short-sleeve, button-up shirt with a noticeable white collar, green cargo shorts, and white sneakers. His shirt is often seen slightly rumpled, adding to his somewhat disheveled teenage appearance.

Andrew has curly, dark hair and a distinctive pair of large, round glasses. To replicate his hairstyle, use a curl-enhancing product if your hair isn't naturally curly. For the glasses, find a pair of round frames, preferably with a thicker rim to match his iconic look.

Andrew is frequently seen wearing simple white sneakers. Any comfortable pair of white, low-top sneakers will work well to complete the outfit.

To fully capture Andrew's character, consider carrying a backpack to represent his student status. Additionally, you could include a notebook or a textbook as props, emphasizing his scholarly and often anxious nature.

To bring your Andrew Glouberman costume to life, consider using some of his memorable lines from the show: "I'm just a boy, a boy who's hurting!," "I'm not a child, Ma! I'm a man. I'm a man who loves his pillow.," "I am burdened with glorious purpose.," "It's so hard to be smart. It's so lonely."and "I'm having a party, and you're not invited, but you can come if you want." These lines capture the essence of Andrew's neurotic, endearing, and humorously dramatic personality, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Andrew Glouberman

Andrew Glouberman from the Netflix animated show, Big Mouth, is the first of his group of friends to be greeted by the Hormone Monster. The Monster explains to some extent what Andrew and his friends are going through, but he doesn’t always give the best advice. Andrew even has a little mustache beginning to grow, and while that is a cool thing, he is being made fun of because no one else his age has reached puberty yet.

Andrew and his best friend Nick are on a journey together that they had no idea would change them so much. Even the girls that appear on the show are changing. The boys are learning all about their own bodies along with the girls. Andrew is obviously still awkward and immature although he is going through puberty because that’s the way of life for 12 and 13-year-old adolescents!

Andrew Glouberman

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