How to Dress Like Beth Greene

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Vintage Navy Racerback Tank
Double Heart Pendant Necklace
Basic Cotton Tank Top
Vintage Leather Elastic Belt
Distressed Skinny Jeans
Toy Knife with Sheath
Leather Cuffs
Tan Denver Boot
Gray Cashmere Socks

Best Beth Greene Costume Guide

Beth Greene is a character from the popular AMC television series The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Hershel Greene and the sister of Maggie Greene. Before the zombie outbreak, she grew up on her father’s farm that has been in the family for over 160 years. She is known to be a religious girl that avoids alcohol.

Dress up like Beth Greene if you want to have the look of a brave woman who doesn’t quickly lose hope. Start by wearing a Basic Cotton Tank Top, preferably dirtied up a bit. Over that, wear a black Vintage Navy Racerback Tank. Next, put on a pair of Distressed Skinny Jeans held together by a Vintage Elastic Leather Belt. For your feet, wear a high-quality pair of Grey Cashmere Socks along with vintage Tan Denver boots. For the final touch, put on her signature Double Heart Pendant Necklace and Leather Cuffs. Don’t forget your trusty Toy Knife With Sheath to kill those walkers.

Beth Greene Cosplay Costumes

Beth Greene is like a flower that’s growing through concrete. The zombie outbreak has made her tough, but she still hasn’t lost her child-like hope and innocence. To a look even closer to Beth, wear a blonde wig or if you’re feeling adventurous, temporarily color your hair blonde and style it similar to hers.

Since you’re going out in a zombie apocalypse, it’s never safe to go alone. Gather your friends and create your very own survival group. Appoint one in your team as the ‘Sheriff.’ And with The Walking Dead’s diverse characters, all your friends will undoubtedly find a character they can relate to. If you’re looking for some additional ideas, feel free to check out other costume guides from The Walking Dead as well! Share the cosplay that you come up with!

Beth Greene Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gripping and emotional narrative of “The Walking Dead” with our costume guide for Beth Greene, the young and spirited survivor portrayed by Emily Kinney. Known for her evolution from a sheltered farm girl to a resilient fighter, Beth’s look reflects her journey through the post-apocalyptic world. This guide will help you recreate her distinctive style, perfect for cosplay events, themed parties, or any occasion where you want to embody the spirit of a character who finds strength amidst chaos.

Beth Greene's style is practical yet feminine, reflecting her growth and adaptability. Essential components include a fitted, plaid, button-up shirt or a simple t-shirt, paired with dark jeans or cargo pants. She often wears a fitted, sleeveless denim or leather vest, adding to her toughened survivor look. Her outfit is completed with sturdy, practical boots, suitable for the demands of a post-apocalyptic environment.

Beth has long, blonde hair, often styled in loose waves or simple, practical ponytails. For makeup, aim for a natural and subdued look. Use light foundation, subtle eye makeup, and a soft lip color. Given the survival setting, her makeup should be minimal, emphasizing her youthful and resilient character.

Beth typically wears practical and sturdy footwear, such as combat or hiking boots. The boots should be dark in color, like black or brown, and should look well-worn, reflecting the harsh realities of life in a post-apocalyptic world.

While Beth's style is relatively simple, adding a knife holster or a prop weapon like a pistol can enhance the survivor aspect of her costume. She's also seen wearing simple jewelry, like a small necklace, which adds a touch of her pre-apocalypse life. Ensure any prop weapons are safe and comply with event guidelines.

Beth is known for her hopeful and sometimes poignant reflections. Here are some memorable quotes: "I don't cry anymore, Daryl. I'm just so tired of losing people.," "You gotta stay who you are, not who you were.," "I still sing. I still remember how.," "We all got jobs to do. That's what Daddy always says." and "You can't just give up. We have to keep going." These quotes capture Beth's emotional depth, her resilience, and her enduring hope, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this beloved character.

About Beth Greene

Beth Greene may be an underrated character of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show, but she is by no means weak or underdeveloped. For an innocent person who grew up on a farm, she remarkably adapted to the new, cruel world where she’s seen people being eaten, killed, and brutally mutilated. In fact, even when told otherwise, Beth refused to admit there wasn’t any kindness left. She is a kind person, good at heart, and always helping in any way she can.

She might not be physically strong, but she’s mentally tough to do what’s necessary. Beth Greene’s most admirable personality trait is she is still capable of thinking of other’s first. She sacrifices her needs for others above her wellbeing. Her completely girly attitude coupled with such a strong personality is what makes her extraordinary. It’s the reason why she’s one of the best Walking Dead characters to cosplay.

Beth Greene

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