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Best Hanz and Franz Costume Guide

Hanz and Franz are characters from a sketch that appeared on Saturday Night Live. The idea was initially conceived in 1987 and debuted on SNL during the 13th season. Played by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, the two muscled men motivated people to get “pumped up.” Based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding duo sport fake muscles and Austrian accents. 

Hanz and Franz are loud and aggressive bodybuilders. Though their muscles are fake, they still take pride in their looks. They put down other people who aren’t as physically fit as they think they have the best methods to help get you into shape. To get the look of these fantastic and legitimate bodybuilders, Hanz and Franz, you will need a Muscle Shirt, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Lifting Belt, White Gloves, and Black Boots.

Hanz and Franz Cosplay Costumes

Hanz and Franz are meant to poke fun at bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts of the 80s. SNL is all about parodies and spoofs, so it is all in the name of fun. You can’t go wrong with this costume! Look as big and silly as you want. There’s no such thing as too much muscle, primarily when you’re meant to look like the champs Hanz and Franz. People will undoubtedly ask how you got your body in such fantastic shape! You’ll be more than happy to share a few of your secret tips with them, I’m sure. 

You can’t have a Hanz without a Franz! Get one of your friends involved and cosplay the best bodybuilding duo ever. If you think you’ve got the look to pump some iron, submit a photo to the Halloween Costume Contest to see, who is the best!  

Hanz and Franz Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to “pump up” your costume game with our Hanz and Franz guide from “Saturday Night Live.” Renowned for their exaggerated Austrian accents, bodybuilder physiques, and humorous catchphrases, this guide will help you and a friend replicate the iconic look of this comedic duo, perfect for parties, events, or any occasion where you want to bring some laughs and old-school fitness charm.

Hanz and Franz are characterized by their bodybuilder appearance. The key elements of their costumes include gray sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off to make them sleeveless, stuffed to create the appearance of exaggerated muscles, and the names "Hanz" and "Franz" printed on the chest. Pair these with simple sweatpants, a thick weightlifting belt, and sneakers.

To replicate their muscle-bound look, use padding or stuffing under the sleeveless sweatshirt. Focus on the arms, chest, and shoulders to create exaggerated muscular bulges. You can use foam, batting, or even lightweight fabric to achieve this.

Hanz and Franz typically have short, neat haircuts, often with a slightly '80s style. Makeup should be minimal – just enough to accentuate the features, maybe with a bit of bronzer or brown makeup to give a more sculpted, muscular appearance to the face.

To enhance the costume, consider adding accessories such as fake dumbbells or barbells, a whistle around the neck, and a fake microphone to mimic their skit performances. These props will add to the comedic effect and are recognizable elements of their characters.

Hanz and Franz are known for their hilarious catchphrases. Here are some you can use: "We just want to pump [clap] you up!," "Listen to me now, and believe me later!," "We're here to pump you up!," "You are a girly man!" and "Don't be a girly man!" These catchphrases are essential to capturing the humor and spirit of Hanz and Franz, making your costume not just a visual hit but also an entertaining one.

About Hanz and Franz

Hanz and Franz are part of a recurring sketch that appeared on Saturday Night Live called “Pumping Up with Hanz & Franz.” Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon played the duo whose image was based on Arnold Schwarzenegger. The idea came to Kevin Nealon in 1987 when he was watching an interview with Schwarzenegger in his hotel room. It was first seen on the show during the premiere of the 13th season of SNL and became extremely popular with the fans. Since it’s based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, there are several life-sized cardboard cutouts of him on the set.

The sketches starring Hanz and Franz focus on criticizing others who aren’t fit as themselves which often leads to moments where they pose to show their impressive muscles. They offer various suggestions and tips for cutting fat and gaining muscle. But, this often ends in a bit of a mess. 

Hanz and Franz

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