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Best David S. Pumpkins Costume Guide

David S. Pumpkins loves Halloween. The character was played by Tom Hanks in a 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live and quickly developed a big following. Pumpkins is an over-the-top, strange character who wears a suit decorated with pumpkins, which is possibly more ghoulish than any of his antics. He is designed to be a Santa Claus type character, but for Halloween, and comes complete with a pair of odd-looking dancers wearing skeleton outfits. His main appearance saw him appearing on different floors of a hotel in a sketch called ‘Haunted Elevator.’

Aside from his SNL appearance, David S. Pumpkins has appeared in his very own animated Halloween special in 2017, titled The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special.  To get the look of this extremely strange king of Halloween, you’ll need a David S. Pumpkins Wig, Pumpkin Tuxedo Costume, Black Dress Shirt, SNL David S. Pumpkins Socks, and Black Dress Shoes.

David S. Pumpkins Cosplay Costumes

While Tom Hanks initially thought this character was incredibly bizarre, and better suited to fellow star Chris Hemsworth, he has since embraced the role. It seems like the public has also fallen in love with this strange, ghastly-suited man and his catchphrase “Any questions?” David S. Pumpkins appears to us like the savior of Halloween, and the internet went crazy for his antics, so he is sure to be a popular cosplay choice, especially around Halloween.

Of course, the man known as David S. Pumpkins needs some friends, so if you want to cosplay this character to perfection, you’ll need to get some friends to dress in skeleton outfits and dance alongside you! Since Pumpkins professes that he is here to “scare the hell outta you,” he’s the perfect choice of costume for Halloween, so be sure to submit your photos to our Halloween Costume Contest.

David S. Pumpkins Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and hilarious world of David S. Pumpkins from “Saturday Night Live.” Our dedicated costume guide FAQ is designed to help you recreate the instantly recognizable and whimsically absurd look of this unique character, portrayed by Tom Hanks. Discover how to craft a David S. Pumpkins costume that captures his iconic style and comedic charm.

David S. Pumpkins' outfit is memorable for its distinctive and unconventional design. The key component is a black suit (jacket and pants) covered in random, goofy pumpkin graphics. Underneath, he wears a black shirt. The suit is paired with a matching tie that also features pumpkin graphics. His look is completed with a pair of black dress shoes.

David S. Pumpkins sports a slick, dark hairstyle with significant volume. To replicate this, use a wig that matches this style or style your own hair with gel or pomade to achieve a sleek, combed-back look with some lift at the front.

David S. Pumpkins' makeup is quite simple. He has a clean, fresh face with a slightly exaggerated white face paint to accentuate his comedic and ghostly appearance. You can use white face paint lightly to achieve this look, focusing on creating a pale, yet lively complexion.

While David S. Pumpkins' costume is primarily focused on his suit, carrying a small pumpkin or a jack-o'-lantern can add to the Halloween theme. Additionally, you might include white gloves to complete the ensemble and enhance the character's quirky persona.

To truly embody David S. Pumpkins, remember his signature line, "I'm David Pumpkins, man!" and his catchphrase, "Any questions?" His character is known for his odd, rhythmic dance moves and peculiar, exaggerated expressions, so be prepared to break into dance and maintain a playful, mysterious demeanor.

About David S. Pumpkins

David S. Pumpkins is a fictional character played by Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live, firstly in a  sketch called Haunted Elevator in which a couple played by Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon go into a haunted house attraction called 100 Floors of Flights. The elevator stops at random floors, some of which contain David S. Pumpkins insisting that he is there to “scare the hell outta you.” He is flanked by two oddball characters in skeleton costumes who dance alongside him.

Pumpkins wears a horrible suit covered in pictures of pumpkins, and proclaims to be scary but don’t seem to actually do anything to scare the couple until the final scene when he inexplicably appears in the elevator behind them. In 2017, the 30-minute David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special was aired, this time in animated form with Hanks reprising his role for the voiceover, and he also showed up in a rap song sketch as David S. Pimpkins.

David S. Pumpkins

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