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Best Clyde Costume Guide

Clyde, played by Rihanna, is Shy Ronnie’s sidekick in the Saturday Night Live skit, Ronnie and Clyde. After their awkward performance in an elementary school classroom, the duo is back again to rob a bank and put on another show. While Ronnie shyly stands there, Clyde confidently sings to the bank patrons and tells them to get out of her way while she takes the money and runs, like the true Bonnie and Clyde. Eventually, Shy Ronnie fails to perform and embarrasses Clyde, forcing her to grab the money and leave alone.

Get the look of the fiercely talented bank robber with this Clyde costume guide. Cosplay Clyde’s criminal look wearing a Pin Stripe Suit Set, Leather Crop Top, and a pair of Black Shoes. Next, add Fingerless Gloves and a Bowler Hat on top of a Red Hair Wig. Finally, complete the bank robber look with a Toy Gun and Money Bag Prop.

Clyde Cosplay Costumes

Although Clyde is a talented singer and performer, her sidekick Ronnie fails to perform, leaving her embarrassed and ashamed of her partner. As Clyde confidently enters the bank with a big gun, Ronnie awkwardly enters with a tiny gun that he doesn’t even know how to use. Eventually, as the cops come to arrest the criminal duo, Clyde fearlessly grabs the money and runs, leaving Ronnie on his own to clean up the mess. Cosplay Clyde’s look by wearing a pinstripe suit set over a leather crop top. Accessorize with some black shoes, fingerless gloves, a bowler hat, and a red hair wig. Finally, no Clyde look would be complete without a toy gun and money bag prop.

Clyde is nothing without his Bonnie, or in this case, Ronnie. So grab a friend and become the hilarious crime duo from Saturday Night Live. Have fun making people laugh all night long as you and friends sing songs, threaten lives, and take the money and run!

Clyde Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the quirky and humorous world of Clyde, Shy Ronnie’s sidekick, with our engaging costume guide FAQ. Get ready to capture the essence of this unique character from the “Saturday Night Live” sketch, “Ronnie and Clyde.” We’ll cover the key aspects of Clyde’s look and answer your top questions about creating a memorable and accurate costume.

Clyde, portrayed as the more assertive counterpart to Shy Ronnie, typically sports a somewhat casual and unassuming look. His outfit usually includes a simple, plain-colored T-shirt, a pair of regular-fit jeans, and possibly a light jacket or hoodie. The key is to keep the attire understated, as it contrasts with Shy Ronnie's more nervous and awkward demeanor.

Clyde's hairstyle is generally short and neat. If your hair isn't naturally like this, consider a short wig. For facial features, if you're looking to closely mimic the character as portrayed on SNL, a bit of makeup to create a scruffy, unshaven look can be effective.

For footwear, go with something simple and unassuming, like a pair of basic sneakers or casual shoes. The idea is to maintain the casual and laid-back vibe that Clyde embodies in the sketch.

While Clyde doesn't have specific signature accessories, carrying a prop microphone or a fake money bag could add a humorous touch, referencing the sketch's context where they attempt a bank heist.

In "Ronnie and Clyde," Clyde's character is more about action than words, serving as a foil to Shy Ronnie's bumbling antics. Emphasize confident, assertive body language and expressions. You might occasionally mouth words or pretend to speak assertively, playing off the comedic contrast between yourself and a hypothetical Shy Ronnie. Since Clyde doesn't have specific catchphrases, focusing on this nonverbal communication will capture the essence of the character effectively.

About Clyde

The modern Bonnie and Clyde, Ronnie and Clyde are the crime duo from Saturday Night Live who are ready to rob banks and put on awkward performances. While Clyde is prepared to confidently walk into any bank, threaten to kill, and take the money, Ronnie is too shy to tell the bank’s clients and clerks what to do. Trying to use his “outside voice,” nobody in the bank can hear him, leaving Clyde in charge to grab the money herself. As the cops approach, Clyde leaves Ronnie to clean up the mess. Of course, as soon as Clyde leaves the premises, Ronnie fearlessly raps a verse.

Ronnie and Clyde are part two of the Shy Ronnie skit performed by Andy Samberg and Rihanna on Saturday Night Live. First performed in 2009, Shy Ronnie was nominated for a 2010 Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.


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