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Wayne Campbell Costume Guide
Black T Shirt
Wayne's World Hat
Jeans with Knee Holes
Black Mullet Wig
Black/White Converse Sneakers
Toy Electric Guitar

Best Wayne Campbell Halloween Costume Guide

If you’re looking for an insight into the top rock bands and hot babes, then Wayne’s World can give you the scoop! Mike Myers’ sketch was one of the top recurring bits to ever come onto Saturday Night Live. We’ve had to grab onto our stomachs from the pain of laughing from this show, and now you can even get the look of Wayne.

Get Wayne’s look with a Black T-shirt, a Wayne’s World Hat, Jeans with Knee Holes, a Black Mullet Wig, Black Converse Sneakers, and a Toy Electric Guitar. Wayne’s look is always simple and full of rock and roll!

Wayne Campbell Cosplay Costumes

Saturday Night Live characters are always super fun to recreate, and Wayne from the Wayne’s World sketch is about as hilarious and entertaining as it gets! Wayne is a winner for any cosplay event, and now you can recreate his costume with only a few pieces that are easily thrown together. The best part about this costume is you can get one of your friends to dress as Garth and you have the complete duo!

Start recreating this look with a simple black t-shirt, and light washed jeans with pretty big holes in the knees. Throw on a pair of black and white Converse shoes next. To get Wayne’s hair, you’ll want a black mullet hairstyle wig and a Wayne’s World hat on top of your head. Lastly, don’t forget a toy guitar because Wayne is all about the rock bands! Now that you have the full look, make sure to send us a picture and you can check out the others who recreated this look as well in our costume gallery!

About Wayne Campbell

Wayne Campbell is the character who shows up on the hilarious television show Saturday Night Live. Wayne is portrayed by Mike Myers as a teenage kid who runs a public access television show. Wayne and his best friend Garth shoot the show in Wayne’s basement (which is actually his parent’s basement since he still lives at home) and the show is called “Wayne’s World.”

Wayne is a hilarious, relatable, rock star wanna be! He and his friend Garth are willing to do whatever it takes to get their voices heard! And who wouldn’t want to tune into the one and only Wayne’s World streaming show?! After they start out with their little show, they begin to come across some obstacles they never thought they would want to turn their backs on, but when you become famous you start to realize the little things that always meant the most to you.

Wayne Campbell

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