How to Dress Like Mary Katherine Gallagher

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Red Headband
Black Vintage Glasses
Black Uniform Cross Tie
White Uniform Blouse
Button Up Vest
Iron On Patch
Plaid School Skirt
White High Socks
Black Sneakers

Best Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Guide

The movie Superstar was released in 1999 based on the hit Saturday Night Live sketches by cast member Molly Shannon. It didn’t take long for everyone to quote scenes from these hilarious sketches. Mary Katherine quickly became a superstar in our eyes, even if everyone in her high school didn’t quite see it that way! Only Mary Katherine could pull off her memorable moves, lines, and outfit. Don’t worry, follow this costume guide to get all the necessary pieces to get her look!

To cosplay Mary Katherine’s style, you will need a Red Headband, Black Vintage Glasses, White Uniform Blouse, Black Uniform Cross Tie, Button Up Vest, Green/Blue Plaid Skirt, an Iron On Patch, White High Socks, and Black Sneakers. Now, you’re ready to be a superstar too!

Mary Katherine Gallagher Cosplay Costumes

Everyone dreams of being a superstar, but now you can be THE Superstar by dressing up as Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL! Her outfit is absolutely hilarious! The pieces for this costume are pretty easy to find and assemble so, it’s a quick outfit and downright hysterical! No need to get nervous and sniff your armpits, get started putting this costume together!

Start recreating this look by putting a red headband in your hair and throwing on a pair of black vintage eyeglasses. Since Mary Katherine attended a Catholic school, you will need a proper uniform. Grab a white uniform blouse and a black uniform cross tie. Add a button up vest over the shirt and tie with a green and blue plaid skirt. Finish up the outfit with a pair of white high socks and black sneakers. You’re all set to be the next Superstar and experience your dream kiss (well, maybe). Make sure to submit a picture of your costume so others can see your recreation in the cosplay gallery!

Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and unforgettable character of Mary Katherine Gallagher from “Saturday Night Live” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This guide is tailored to help you recreate the iconic look of the awkward but endearing Catholic schoolgirl. We’ll explore the key components of Mary Katherine’s ensemble, focusing on her unique blend of schoolgirl innocence and comedic flair, a hallmark of her memorable sketches on SNL.

Mary Katherine Gallagher's costume captures the essence of an over-the-top Catholic schoolgirl. The central piece is a traditional schoolgirl uniform, consisting of a plaid skirt, often in gray or a muted color, and a white blouse. The blouse is typically short-sleeved and buttoned up, paired with a vest or sweater, often in navy or dark colors. Knee-high socks and black Mary Jane shoes complete the classic schoolgirl look. Don't forget the most important accessory: a headband, usually plain and in a color that complements the uniform.

Mary Katherine Gallagher sports a simple, unassuming hairstyle that reflects her character's awkwardness. Her hair is usually parted in the middle with bangs and falls just past the shoulders, often looking a bit unkempt or tousled. This hairstyle can be achieved naturally if your hair length allows, or with a wig that matches the description.

Mary Katherine Gallagher is known for her distinct mannerisms and movements that are key to embodying her character. She often puts her hands under her armpits and then smells them when nervous, which is one of her most recognizable gestures. She's also known for her over-the-top attempts at performing, including awkward dancing and dramatic movements, often ending in accidental destruction or her famous phrase, "Superstar!"

To enhance the Mary Katherine Gallagher costume, consider adding a pair of round, wire-frame glasses, which contribute to her nerdy and awkward appearance. Additionally, props like a school book or a notebook can complement the schoolgirl theme. For added comedic effect, you might include a small crucifix or other Catholic school-related items.

Mary Katherine Gallagher has several memorable quotes that can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some of these include: "Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them like this!," "Superstar!," "I'm a Catholic schoolgirl, and I like to rock!," "I just want to say one thing and that is... I'm fifty years old." and "I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go." Using these quotes and embodying her quirky mannerisms will help you capture the essence of Mary Katherine Gallagher's character, making your costume not only visually accurate but also engaging and fun.

About Mary Katherine Gallagher

Mary Katherine Gallagher from the hilarious Saturday Night Live sketches and the movie Superstar has always been kind of a lost child since her parents died. Now that she’s a teenager in high school, Mary Katherine Gallagher wants nothing more than to have that one perfect kiss—just like in the movies! And Mary Katherine plans on getting that impeccable kiss by becoming a Superstar so guys can’t resist her!

Mary Katherine Gallagher is on a mission to become a superstar, and she starts by entering her high school talent contest. All of the popular kids in school will be watching her, so there’s no pressure! But with the help of her grandmother, there’s nothing that Mary Katherine can’t accomplish even getting her dream kiss by her dream guy, Sky Corrigan!

Mary Katherine Gallagher

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