How to Dress Like Ash (Evil Dead)

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Ash (Evil Dead) Costume Guide
Wrangler Men's Denim Work Shirt
Leather Body Harness
Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun
3D Chainsaw with Sound
Men's Pilot Utility Boot
Men's Straight-Fit Carpenter Jeans
Fake Blood
Evil Ash Full Costume

Best Ash (Evil Dead) Costume Guide

Get the cosplay look of Ashley “Ash” Williams, portrayed by Bruce Campbell, from The Evil Dead. The popular horror film franchise started with the original, low budget 1981 horror film with bad acting. Armed with a chainsaw strapped to the stump on your right arm, you get a costume like Ash—one of the greatest horror movie characters of all time.

Dress up with  Wrangler Men’s Denim Work Shirt, Men’s Straight-Fit Carpenter Jeans, Evil Ash Full Costume, Leather Body Harness, and Men’s Pilot Utility Boot. Complete the costume with Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun, 3D Chainsaw with Sound, and plenty of Fake Blood.

Ash (Evil Dead) Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a bit of a lone wolf and are looking for some solo cosplay action, why not Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise? Horror fans know that Ash was the last man standing in the first film so taking all the glory for yourself and cosplaying this cult classic character on your own is permissible. However, if you’re a bigger fan of the television series and want to bring a few friends along there are a few characters to go around. Ash’s sidekick Pablo, who refers to Ash as El Jefe is a crowd favorite or for the ladies in your group, Kelly or the mysterious Ruby.

This particular costume is prop-heavy, but luckily, the items are common and can easily be found at a local toy or costume shop. Ash’s signature chainsaw that he used to cut off his right hand is by far the most vital to the success of this look. Any other standard tool like a shovel or a play rifle can be added since Ash has been known to make his kills with whatever happens to be lying around. Have a look at our pics below for more ideas and send in your own submissions!

About Ash Williams

Ash Williams isn’t your typical hero. Riddled with survivor’s guilt, he’s a loner. He drifts from place to place, drinking alone and working menial jobs. Rather than talk about all he has seen in battle, or those he has lost, when Ash wants a woman’s company, he’s more likely to tell a sad story to gain their sympathy. He’s a bit of a mess, not particularly noble but will fight if and only when he must and brutally.

30 years prior, in movie years, Ash was a different man, he had loved ones, a place he called home. Having to kill them all one by one when they became possessed by the “deadites” has changed him. These days he just survives, an unwilling caretaker of the Necronomicon that he can’t seem to destroy, but the time has come again to fight to save humanity. This time he plans to protect the few people he begrudgingly let into his life, especially his fellow Value Stop employees, Pablo, and Kelly.

Ash (Evil Dead)

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