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White Long Sleeve Button Down
Peter Griffin Mask
Round Metal Clear Glasses
Green Chinos
Black Belt
Golden Buckle
Dark Brown Shoes

Best Peter Griffin Costume Guide

Peter Griffin has appeared on the Fox animated sitcom, Family Guy, since the day that it first aired on January 31, 1999. Peter, the father, is voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane. Peter is married to Lois Griffin and is also the father of Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, and Stewie Griffin. This blue-collar father isn’t the most brilliant guy around, but he sure knows how to keep America laughing year after year! Get the look of the Family Guy father with this Peter Griffin costume guide.

Cosplay Peter Griffin’s style with a White Long Sleeve Button Down, Green Chino Pants, Black Belt with Golden Buckle, Dark Brown Shoes, Peter Griffin Mask, and a pair of Round Metal Clear Glasses. Grab a beer can to carry around with you to make the look as close as you can possibly get!

Peter Griffin Cosplay Costumes

Peter Griffin was created by Seth MacFarlane to epitomize the stereotypical blue-collar worker. Peter is brash and frequently drunk. His incredibly short attention span gets him into a variety of awkward situations on Family Guy. To dress up like Peter Griffin, start by checking your own closet for a white button down, green pants, brown shoes, and a belt. The other pieces like the glasses and Peter Griffin mask can be found in a costume shop or online by following the complete costume guide.

Peter Griffin may be the man of the house, but he needs his family to tag along to really complete the cosplay! Get some of your friends or family to dress as Lois Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, and Brian the dog to have the ultimate Family Guy cosplay! Send in a picture of your completed costume so others can see Peter Griffin look!

Peter Griffin Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the comical and unique character of Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” with our tailored costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to assist fans in recreating Peter’s distinct and humorous style, answering the most common questions about putting together an authentic and fun portrayal of this beloved animated character.

To dress up as Peter Griffin, you'll need a few key pieces: a white, button-up, short-sleeved shirt, green pants, a black belt, and round, wire-framed glasses. Additionally, wearing a pair of white shoes will complete the look. These items collectively create Peter's signature appearance from "Family Guy."

The white shirt should be a basic, short-sleeved button-up with no patterns or logos. The pants should be a light green color, preferably in a casual, comfortable style. The simplicity of these garments reflects Peter's everyday, laid-back attire in the show.

Peter's outfit is complemented by a simple black belt, which should be plain without any elaborate buckles. For the shoes, choose basic white sneakers or casual shoes, aligning with Peter's unpretentious and relaxed style.

To nail Peter Griffin's look, consider wearing a pair of round, thin-framed glasses, as they are a key feature of his character. Optionally, you might carry a TV remote or a can of beer as props to represent Peter's love for television and a laid-back lifestyle.

Adding Peter Griffin's quotes can add an extra layer of character to your costume. Some of his memorable lines include: "Freakin' sweet!," "Lois, if I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer.," "Road House.," "With great mustache comes great responsibility." and "I am so not competitive. In fact, I am the least non-competitive. So I win." These quotes capture Peter's unique sense of humor and his quirky personality, making them great choices for anyone dressing up as him.

About Peter Griffin

While many recognize Stewie Griffin as a well-known character on the Fox animated sitcom Family Guy, his father Peter was actually created as the main character. Peter comes from Irish descent and is married to his wife Lois Griffin. Peter isn’t known to be the most intelligent guy around, but he is passionate about things like beer, television, and Trix cereal. Lois usually catches the bad end of Peter’s “smart” ideas often getting physically hurt. Peter gets hurt because he has an incredibly short attention span.

Peter has some insecurities as well. He has a fear that Lois will fall for another man, so he attempts to prove his masculinity frequently. Sometimes his jealousy gets the best of him, but Lois still stands beside him. Peter isn’t known as a man of many talents, but he can actually play the piano perfectly as long as he is drunk.

Peter Griffin

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