How to Dress Like Jyn Erso

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Best Jyn Erso Costume Guide

Dress up like Jyn Erso, portrayed by Felicity Jones, the newest hero appearing in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As a former criminal who fought for the Alliance, Jyn is recruited to steal the Death Star plans. Join the rebel alliance by getting her costume with a Short Sleeve Slub T-Shirt, Long-Sleeve Notch Neck T-Shirt, Cargo Multi Pocket Pant, Brown Cargo Vest, Infinity Loop Jersey Scarf, and a pair of Funtasma Boots. Fight the Empire with Jyn’s complete look by wearing Brown Fingerless Leather Gloves and Belt And Holster.

Jyn Erso Cosplay Costumes

In yet another film from the Star Wars franchise, we are further introduced to the character Jyn Erso in the movie Rogue One. With few strong female characters to cosplay, Jyn is a most welcome addition. Touted as the female Han Solo, this fierce fighter can easily be portrayed following our style ideas. If you’re into representing girl power, she would be in great company among other beloved Star Wars characters like Leia or newcomer, Rey. Father, daughter cosplayers can go the family route with dad playing Jyn Erso’s tragic father Galen. With so many movies and books to draw from, the Star Wars cosplay opportunities are endless.

Dressing up as a Rebel Soldier has its perks in that most often, the costumes pieces are already in your closet! A healthy layer of dirt on your face will add a fierce edge to your look. Take a peek at our pics for more ideas on how to perfect your Jyn Erso look and send in what you’ve put together on your own!

Jyn Erso Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the galaxy of “Star Wars” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for Jyn Erso, the courageous and resourceful protagonist from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” This guide is crafted for fans and cosplayers who aspire to embody Jyn’s determined and resilient spirit, ensuring an authentic and striking portrayal of this iconic character.

Jyn Erso's outfit is a blend of practicality and rebellion. Essential components include a gray, long-sleeve top, a greenish-brown jacket with a patch on the right sleeve, sturdy brown pants, and black combat boots. Her outfit is accentuated with a utility belt with pouches, fingerless gloves, and a scarf. For added detail, include a blaster holster on the belt.

Jyn Erso has a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle. Her hair is brunette, wavy, and often tied back into a low, loose ponytail with strands framing her face. Makeup should be minimal, focusing on a natural look, with a bit of brown or taupe eyeshadow and a light touch of mascara.

To complete the Jyn Erso look, consider carrying a replica of her blaster. Additionally, a detailed replica of her Kyber crystal necklace adds a significant touch to the costume, symbolizing her connection to her father and the larger "Star Wars" universe.

Jyn's jacket can often be found online in costume stores or specialty "Star Wars" merchandise shops. For a DIY approach, modify a plain greenish-brown jacket by adding patches and weathering it for a worn look. Her scarf, a crucial element, can be replicated using a light, gauzy fabric in a gray or beige color, wrapped loosely around the neck.

Incorporating Jyn's quotes will bring depth to your portrayal. Here are some iconic ones: "We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.," "I'm not used to people sticking around when things go bad.," "It's not a problem if you don't look up.," "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel." and "May the Force be with us." These quotes capture Jyn's brave and resolute character, her belief in the cause of the Rebellion, and her role as a key figure in the "Star Wars" story.

About Jyn Erso

The turbulent life of Rebel Soldier Jyn Erso was marred with tragedy from childhood. The daughter of captured scientist Galen Erso, she was cared for by Rebel Extremist Saw Gerrera, quickly growing from survivor to rebel fighter. Shes no longer the scared little girl forced to escape with her life and survive without the guidance of her parents. Jyn is fierce and strong and an active soldier in the fight to destroy the Empire. With a strong sense of duty and loyalty to her father’s cause, she fights to the death trying to undermine the destruction caused by the Imperial forces.

Jyn Erso is cocky and cynical, having had to fight for her survival and most times winning. Going up against the strongest force in the galaxy has seasoned her, shes a leader, a warrior and will stop at nothing to bring down the entity that stole the life she was supposed to have. Underneath her cocksure attitude will always be the girl she once was, a girl once powerless, who learned to fight against what she knew to be wrong.

Jyn Erso

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