How to Dress Like Slash

Male Music
Guns N Roses T-Shirt
Black Leather Jacket
Leather Pants
Electric Guitar
Waist Chain
Top Hat
Skull Necklace
Beaded Bracelet
Aviator Sunglasses
Silver Ring
Rocker Wig

Best Slash Costume Guide

Saul Hudson, better known to most of the world as the Guns n Roses guitar slinger Slash, has been captivating audiences with his songs for over three decades, and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the writers behind monumental hits like Paradise City Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’Mine, and November Rain, Slash has also enjoyed a long and fruitful career after departing Guns n Roses. He has performed with his own band Slash’s Snakepit, released a solo album collaborating with multiple different singers, and has since rejoined Guns n Roses for a reunion tour while releasing several albums with his new band, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

If you want to rock your next party as legendary guitarist Slash, you’ll need a Black Leather Jacket, Guns n Roses T-Shirt, Leather Pants, Rocker Wig, Top Hat, Aviator Sunglasses, Skull Necklace, Cigarette, Waist Chain, Silver Ring, Beaded Bracelet and Electric Guitar.

Slash Cosplay Costumes

If you haven’t been to a bar, a party or even a karaoke night and found yourself loudly singing along to a Guns n Roses tune, you haven’t really lived. Not only is Slash hugely influential in the world of rock n roll, but he has kept his trademark hair, top hat and style for his whole career, making him one of the most recognizable performers in music.

So if you have a fancy dress party, a retro night, or even a Guns n Roses concert to attend, the time is right to let out your inner rock-god and cosplay Slash. But what is Slash without his Guns n Roses bandmates? Well, wildly successful in his own right, if you must know, but that’s not the fun answer. What we want to hear is that you can’t dress as Slash without some friends to dress as Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and, well, the drummer is a contentious issue, so just grab any of your long-haired pals for that!

Slash Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of rock and roll with our Slash costume guide FAQ. As the legendary guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash is known for his distinctive style that’s as iconic as his music. This guide will help you capture his unique look, perfect for music festivals, Halloween, or any occasion where you want to channel the spirit of a rock legend.

Slash's iconic look includes a black top hat adorned with a silver band, long, curly black hair (often achieved with a wig if needed), a sleeveless black T-shirt, and tight leather pants. Accessorize with aviator sunglasses, chunky silver rings, and a cross pendant necklace. Don't forget a replica of his Gibson Les Paul guitar to complete the rockstar vibe.

If you don't naturally have long, curly black hair, the easiest way is to use a wig. Look for a wig that has tight, shoulder-length curls. Wearing the top hat over the wig will help keep it in place and enhance the Slash look.

Slash often wears a black leather jacket, sometimes with fringe or studs for added rock flair. Choose a classic, form-fitting leather jacket, preferably in black. If leather isn't an option, a black denim jacket can also work as a substitute.

A key accessory for any Slash costume is a replica of his Gibson Les Paul guitar. If a real guitar isn't feasible, look for toy replicas or inflatable guitars designed to look like a Les Paul. Wearing a guitar strap, even without a guitar, can also help evoke Slash's style.

Slash is known for his cool, laid-back stage presence. Practice holding the guitar with one leg slightly forward, leaning back as you "play" a solo. Mimicking his head-bobbing to the music and occasional cigarette-in-mouth look (which can be done with fake cigarettes) will add authenticity to your portrayal.

About Slash

Saul Hudson is better known as Slash, the guitarist and one of the main songwriters behind some of rock’s most iconic hits. With his band Guns n Roses, Slash took on the world and won – and then it all came crashing down in spectacular rock n’ roll glory. Not to be defeated, Slash continued working heavily in the music industry after his departure from the legendary 80’s rockers, forming Slash’s Snakepit and releasing an album under that name, and in recent times he has been making exceptional music with new singer Myles Kennedy and their band The Conspirators.

Slash vs. Axl Rose was one of the biggest musical feuds in rock history, with both often suggesting there would never come a day the two would perform together. Time heals most wounds though, as Slash has also re-joined Guns n Roses for an epic reunion tour which has traveled the world multiple times over, and his legacy continues to grow.


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