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Best Rex Taekwondo Costume Guide

Avoid a roundhouse kick to the face with a costume that looks like Rex, the local dojo owner from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe you can even learn some sweet numchuku skills as you train Napoleon and Kip. Get the signature American Flag Workout Pants, Black Hanes EcoSmart Jersey Polo, Global Vision Safety Glasses, White Star in Red Bandana, New Balance Men’s Training Shoe for the complete costume.

Rex Taekwondo Cosplay Costumes

Even if you may not know the skills needed to become a dojo owner, you can still look like one with this costume of Rex from the movie, Napoleon Dynamite. Rex is the local dojo owner who’s in charge of training others like Napoleon’s brother. If you wish to go in a group with this costume, you could easily do so if you have friends willing to go as other characters such as Kip or Napoleon. We’d love to see what creative things you come up with as well for your costume so send over a few photos of your costume!

The things you’ll need for this costume are a black polo, safety glasses, a pair of American workout pants, a red bandana with white stars and black training shoes to finish off the look of this costume.

Rex Taekwondo Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and humorous world of “Napoleon Dynamite” with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Rex, the unforgettable and eccentric martial arts instructor. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers who wish to capture Rex’s unique style, reflecting his over-the-top personality and memorable presence in the film.

Rex, portrayed by Diedrich Bader, is known for his distinctive and flamboyant attire. His outfit typically includes a black, sleeveless martial arts gi, adorned with a patriotic American flag pants. The gi is often left open to reveal a muscular build (or a fake muscle suit). Don't forget his signature accessories: a pair of black wrap-around sunglasses and a black belt to denote his martial arts prowess.

Rex sports a slicked-back hairstyle that's both neat and a bit greasy. To achieve this look, use gel or pomade to comb your hair back. If your hair isn't naturally dark like Rex's, consider using temporary hair dye or a wig.

Makeup for Rex should be minimal, focusing on creating a slightly tanned and rugged look. Key props include a pair of black sunglasses, essential to his character. If you're not naturally muscular, consider wearing a fake muscle suit under the gi to emulate his physique.

Rex's martial arts gi can be found at most martial arts supply stores or online. Look for a sleeveless black gi, or modify a standard gi by removing the sleeves. The American flag pants are a standout piece and can be sourced online, or you can customize a pair of white pants with fabric paint for a DIY approach.

Adding Rex's quotes will bring your costume to life. Here are some iconic lines: "Bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!," "I don't want to sound like a queer or nothin', but I think unicorns are kick ass!," "Do you think anybody thinks I'm a failure because I go home to Starla at night? Forget about it!," "Break the wrist, walk away." and "My name is Rex, and if you study with my eight-week program, you will learn a system of self-defense that I developed over two seasons of fighting in the octagon." These quotes perfectly capture Rex's overconfidence, quirky personality, and his humorous role in "Napoleon Dynamite."

About Rex Taekwondo

Rex happens to be the local dojo owner in Preston, Idaho but Rex isn’t a very good teacher it turns out. He likes to use weaker people like Kip for his examples and usually uses cheap tricks to fight. Rex also likes to bully Napoleon verbally the majority of the time.

Kip Dynamite decides to go to Rex’s dojo after seeing a commercial for it on TV but after participating where Rex physically overwhelms him, he decides that Rex Kwon Do is way too difficult for him. Rex then proceeds to insult Napoleon during the class and at the end of it, Kip and Napolean leave with Napoleon calling it a Rip-off. Rex also happens to catch Uncle Rico in an awkward position with his wife, Starla and decides to beat up Uncle Rico for touching his wife and breaks his left arm.

Rex Taekwondo

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