How to Dress Like Power Girl

Short Straight Hair Wig
Women's Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Women's Gloves
Buckle Belt
Adult Superhero Cape
Knee-High Boots
Titanium Bonded Scissors

Best Power Girl Costume Guide

You thought that Superman was the only one hailing from Krypton? Think again! Power Girl, the DC Comics superheroine, is the first cousin of Kal-L. The counterpart of Supergirl is from Earth-two, an alternative universe in the fictional multiverse of DC Comics. Even though Power Girl made it to Earth decades after Superman, that doesn’t mean she’s weaker! She has all of the same powers as Superman just with a bit more stylish costume. Get the look of the Krypton native with this Power Girl costume guide.

Get ready to save the Universe as Power Girl with a white Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Belt and Buckle, Knee High Boots, an Adult Superhero Cape, a pair of long Women’s Gloves, and a blonde Short Straight Wig. Use a pair of scissors to cut out a portion of the chest in the bodysuit before putting it on. Powergirl isn’t modest in the least!

Power Girl Cosplay Costumes

Up, Up, and Away! Power Girl has her own style that is a little more daring than most superheroes, but that’s exactly why we love her! Dress up like a DC Comics superheroine by first ordering a long-sleeve bodysuit online. Then, grab a pair of scissors to cut out a portion of the chest because Power Girl likes to show off a little extra! Once you have the bodysuit set, head over to the costume shop for a superhero cape, a pair of blue gloves, and a short blonde wig. You may need to order a buckle belt online as well as some knee-high boots too if you couldn’t find those in the costume shop. No need to add a logo as her costume lacks an emblem.

Power Girl can take care of herself just fine, but she never turns down help from other DC superheroes like Superman and The Flash. Get your friends to dress as their favorite superhero to turn this look into a group cosplay! If you’re not too busy saving the world, send us a picture of your Power Girl look that just may be featured in the Power Girl costume gallery!

Power Girl Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an empowering journey with our costume guide FAQ for Power Girl, the formidable and charismatic character from DC Comics. As the Earth-Two counterpart of Supergirl, Power Girl stands out with her distinct style, strength, and confidence. This guide aims to help you capture the essence of Power Girl’s iconic superhero attire, reflecting both her bold personality and her legacy in the comic universe.

Power Girl's costume is iconic for its simplicity and boldness. The primary component is a white, form-fitting bodysuit with a distinctive red cape that attaches at the shoulders. The bodysuit features a blue trim and a unique, circular cutout at the chest. She wears blue gloves that extend to her mid-forearms and a pair of blue boots with white trim. Her outfit is completed with a red belt at the waist.

Power Girl has shoulder-length blonde hair, typically styled in a sleek, straight look with some volume. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a blonde wig styled to match. For makeup, focus on a strong but minimal look, with emphasis on the eyes to portray her assertive and confident character traits.

Essential accessories for Power Girl include her red cape, which is a staple of her superhero identity. The cape should be long enough to flow dramatically but not impede movement. Additionally, her red belt can be a simple, wide belt or one that includes her logo. The gloves and boots are usually in a deep blue color, complementing the white and red of her outfit.

The bodysuit is the central piece of Power Girl's costume. It should be form-fitting and made of a material that allows for flexibility and movement, like spandex or Lycra. The key feature of the bodysuit is the circular cutout at the chest, which should be carefully crafted to maintain the suit's integrity while replicating her iconic look.

To enhance your Power Girl cosplay, consider incorporating some of her memorable traits and quotes. Power Girl is known for her assertiveness, independence, and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. Some notable lines and traits include: "I'm Power Girl. I don't need to be rescued.," "I'm not Supergirl. I'm not Wonder Woman. I'm Power Girl. I'm my own person.," "You can call me Karen, or PG, or Power Girl. Just don't call me 'the other Supergirl.'" and "I'm a fighter. I believe in the eye-for-an-eye business." Embodying these aspects will bring your Power Girl cosplay to life, showcasing her strength, confidence, and unique identity within the DC Comics universe.

About Power Girl

The DC Comics character, Power Girl, was around the same time Superman was sent away from Krypton. While Superman came directly to Earth, Power Girl took a little while longer to get there. The ship that Power Girl traveled in was meant to protect her as she grew from an infant into a young woman. Power Girl made it to Earth decades after Superman did, but he took her in as his own and helped her get accustomed to the way of Earth and the humans living on it.

Power Girl, whose real name is Kara Zor-L, even decided to join the Justice Society of America after Superman decided it was time to take a break. Power Girl has incredible powers of heat vision, super hearing, and x-ray vision. She has fought alongside The Flash, Wildcat, Superman, and many other superheroes!

Power Girl

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