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Rick and Morty is a TV show featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim that follows the wacky adventures of mad scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his grandson, Morty Smith. Noob Noob is a supporting character from the show that has gotten a lot of love and attention from the fans. Voiced by Justin Roiland, Noob Noob is a relatable guy who just wants to get the appreciation he believe he deserves.

Noob Noob is seen as a nobody on the show, who’s often forgotten and under appreciated. He works as a janitor for the Vindicators, a superhero team he wants to join one day. Even though he may be ready to become a full Vindicator, he often stays back to help Rick and Morty. Noob Noob is a very hard worker and tries not to let his spirits dampen while reaching for his dreams. To get the look of Noob Noob you’ll need a Bald Cap, Pink Eye Mask, Unitard Bodysuit, Men’s Bikini, Purple Cape, and a pair of Rain Boots.

Noob Noob Cosplay Costumes

The television show Rick and Morty first aired in 2013 and has been rising in popularity ever since. The show takes pop culture references and makes hilarious parodies of them. The main characters, Rick and Morty, are parodies of Doc and Marty from Back to the Future. It’s always a surprise to see who else they’ll bring onto the show. Noob Noob may not be a straight parody from another film, but is definitely inspired by the characters Snarf and Orko. 

Noob Noob’s costume is a super fun one to try out that really isn’t too hard to put together. He isn’t a perfect character, which means his costume isn’t either. It’s pretty basic and a little silly looking, which makes it perfect for a Rick and Morty cosplay. You could also get your friends involved as other characters like Rick, Morty, or even one of the Vindicators like Vance Maximus or Alan Rails. We’d really like to see how your Noob Noob costume turns out, so send us some photos for the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Noob Noob Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the irreverent and interdimensional world of “Rick and Morty” with our costume guide FAQ for dressing up as Noob Noob, the somewhat obscure yet memorable character from the series. Ideal for fans of the show, this guide will help you recreate Noob Noob’s simple yet distinctive look, perfect for cosplay events, themed parties, or as a unique choice for comic conventions.

Noob Noob's costume is straightforward yet iconic to his character. It consists of a white spacesuit with a large, clear dome helmet. The suit has a simple, unadorned design, reflecting Noob Noob's status as a humble janitor. His look is completed with basic black shoes.

Noob Noob's large, clear dome helmet is a crucial part of his costume. You can create a similar effect with a large clear plastic bowl or a specialized costume helmet designed to mimic this style. Ensure that it's safe and comfortable to wear, with adequate ventilation and visibility.

Noob Noob wears simple, black shoes which appear to be standard-issue for his role. Any comfortable pair of black sneakers or shoes will work well with this costume.

Since Noob Noob's outfit is quite minimalistic, the main accessory to focus on is ensuring the accuracy of the spacesuit and helmet. You might also consider carrying a mop or a bucket, referencing his janitorial duties in the show.

While Noob Noob doesn't have a lot of screen time, he does have a few memorable moments. Emulating his high-pitched, enthusiastic voice and his admiration for Rick could add depth to your portrayal. A notable quote from him is, "Goddamn!" said in response to Rick's actions or stories. Remember, Noob Noob's character is all about his unassuming nature and his excitement for being part of the Vindicators, even in a small way.

About Noob Noob

Noob Noob is voiced by Justin Roiland in the adult sci-fi show, Rick and Morty. The show is about the fun adventures that mad scientist Rick Sanchez has with his optimistic grandson Morty Smith. This unique duo test out many science experiments and even travels through space and time on the lookout for fun things to do.

Noob Noob is a minor supporting character that first appears in the third season of Rick and Morty. He works as a janitor for the superhero team The Vindicators. He’s normally pushed aside and under appreciated because he’s so easily forgotten. Noob Noob has been pushed around for so long that he finds it hard to stand up for himself and normally gets mistreated by others. Although he may be forgotten and unloved in the show, he’s seen as an underdog and rooted for by fans. They cheer for the pathetic little nobody and give him the attention he doesn’t receive from the people around him on the show.

Noob Noob

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