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Best Ron Burgundy Costume Guide

Go back to the ’70s for a costume like the famous anchorman, Ron Burgundy, of the local San Diego television station, KVWN channel 4. Get the look of the arrogant, egotistical, and Emmy Award-winning news anchor, played by Will Ferrell from the comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Suit up in a Two Button Burgundy Dress Suit, Van Heusen White Wrinkle Free Shirt, Scott Allan Striped Tie, White Belt with Roller Buckle, and a pair of Men’s White Loafers. Mirror Burgundy’s look with a 70s Wig And Mustache Set, Ron Burgundy Channel 4 Ring, and your Ron Burgundy RB Ring. Bring your Channel 4 News Team Mug to the news desk for a costume that is complete comedy.

Ron Burgundy Cosplay Costumes

Taking on the legendary Ron Burgundy for cosplay will require a lively personality. This character is more about attitude than style, though you would be hard-pressed to find a better-dressed news anchor. A thrift store suit and tie would go a long way into perfecting this look and if you’re lucky you’ll stumble upon some bright white shoes to draw attention to your Ron Burgundy persona. Any chunky men’s jewelry would suffice, his style is as loud as his shoes.

You can’t pull off this cosplay without Ron’s trademark mustache. It’s definitely worth the extra expense to get higher quality facial hair if you can’t grow one worthy of Ron’s yourself. If you have friends who want to play along, Ron is always in good company with other Anchorman characters like Brian, Brick, and Champ. If you have a partner, Ron Burgundy is incomplete without his co-anchor and love interest, Veronica Corningstone. Make sure you check out our pics for more ideas on how to turn yourself into Ron Burgundy. Please send in your pics, we’d love to feature your style ideas!

Ron Burgundy Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the flamboyant and charismatic style of Ron Burgundy, the legendary news anchor from “Anchorman,” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This guide will assist you in capturing Burgundy’s distinct 1970s newscaster look, complete with all the retro flair and humor associated with this iconic character.

Ron Burgundy's signature look is centered around a 1970s-style burgundy suit, which includes a jacket and flared trousers. Underneath, wear a white dress shirt paired with a striped or paisley tie in shades that complement the suit. The ensemble wouldn't be complete without Ron's well-groomed hair and a thick, neatly styled mustache.

To replicate Ron Burgundy's suit, search for vintage clothing stores or online retailers that specialize in 1970s fashion. Look for a suit in a rich burgundy or maroon color, with notable features like wide lapels and flared trousers. If you're unable to find an exact match, consider custom tailoring a suit or modifying a similar one to fit the style.

Opt for classic 1970s-style dress shoes, such as loafers or oxford shoes in brown or burgundy. Accessories are key to nailing the look – consider a fake mustache if you can't grow one, a classic news anchor's microphone, and a pair of large, ostentatious rings.

Ron Burgundy sports a classic 1970s hairstyle – neatly combed with a side part, a little volume on top, and slightly longer at the back. If your hair doesn’t match, consider a wig styled in this manner. The key is to keep it well-groomed and sleek.

Adding Ron Burgundy's famous quotes can bring authenticity to your costume. Some of his memorable lines include: "I'm Ron Burgundy?," "Stay classy, San Diego.," "I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.," "Milk was a bad choice." and "You stay classy, Planet Earth." These quotes capture the unique blend of Ron Burgundy's ego, his sense of style, and his offbeat humor.

About Mr. Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy is the quintessential ladies man. He’s cocky and confident about the effect his good looks have on every woman he meets. He’s a perfect example of a manufactured sex symbol. Taking his cues from his teleprompter and band of childhood friends, Ron cannot imagine himself being anything but irresistible to all he meets. A playful misogynist, whose behavior would be off-putting to most, Ron Burgundy comes off as charming and surprisingly as irresistible as he claims.

Ron got his first taste of possible failure when he first met his girlfriend, Veronica Corningstone. She wasn’t impressed with who he was and cared more about being taken seriously in their mutual profession, at least in the beginning. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, he charmed his way into Veronica’s life and made her his own, all while putting himself back on top at the news desk. You can have a lot of fun with this cosplay, all the more if you go as a group!

Ron Burgundy

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