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Green Short Sleeve Shirt
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Best Flash Slothmore Costume Guide

Flash Slothmore is a three-toed anthropomorphic sloth that appears in the animated Disney film, Zootopia. A friend of Nick Wilde, Flash is portrayed as an employee of the Department of Mammal Vehicles (DMV). The clever stereotype fits as a trip to the DMV is generally one of the slowest activities ever! Flash, voiced by Raymond S. Persi, enjoys jokes and it becomes apparent as Nick constantly interrupts him while helping out Judy Hopps. Get the look of the friendly sloth with this Flash Slothmore costume guide.

While he is only a supporting character in the film, Flash is definitely a memorable one. Cosplay this unusual Disney character by wearing a Sloth Costume, Green Short Sleeved Shirt, Sloth Mask, Khakis, Blue Belt, and Striped Tie. Don’t forget to bring along your “You Want It When?” Mug.

Flash Slothmore Cosplay Costumes

Zootopia was the 55th Disney animated feature film characters that was voiced by some heavy hitting Hollywood stars. With a broad range of personalities appearing in the film, including the jokester Flash Slothmore. Cosplaying Flash would be an interesting anthropomorphic character to cosplay because you get both mix both the animal and outfit. Just the sloth costume won’t cut it, you’ll also need to match Flash’s corporate casual look. Because the Zootopia movie is full of characters, there are plenty of ideas for enthusiastic cosplayers.

Have your friends join you cosplaying Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde the sly fox, Chief Bogo, Dawn the sheep, or the many other characters to choose from that appear in Disney’s Zootopia. We know you’ll have fun trying out any of these cool characters. We would absolutely love to see you dressed up as Flash Slothmore, so send along a photo (in your own slothly time, of course).

Flash Slothmore Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the charming and slow-paced world of Flash Slothmore from “Zootopia” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Prepare to embody Zootopia’s most memorable DMV employee as we explore the key elements to perfectly capture his laid-back style and personality.

To dress up as Flash Slothmore, you'll need a light green button-up shirt, a dark green tie, and brown trousers to mimic his DMV uniform. Additionally, a sloth mask or face paint to recreate his distinct facial features, including his wide eyes and a big, slow smile, is crucial. Don’t forget to add sloth-like gloves or hand coverings to complete the look.

Flash Slothmore's face is known for its slow, wide smile and expressive eyes. Use face paint to create a light brown face with darker brown patches around the eyes, and practice moving and speaking slowly to mimic his leisurely demeanor. You can also use a sloth mask with similar features if you prefer a ready-made option.

To truly embody Flash Slothmore, speak and move slowly and deliberately, just like a sloth. Embrace his relaxed and unhurried attitude, often pausing mid-sentence and showing a warm, if delayed, smile. Being patient and taking your time with every action is key to nailing his character.

Flash Slothmore, being a sloth, does not have a distinct hairstyle. However, you can wear a headpiece that mimics the texture and color of a sloth's fur, focusing on creating a furry, light brown look that matches his body fur.

Flash Slothmore, though not a main character, leaves a lasting impression with his few, yet memorable lines. His most iconic line is when he says, "Nice to... see you... too," emphasizing his slow speech. Another notable moment is his slow laughter after telling a joke: "Ha... Ha... Ha." Using these lines during your costume portrayal will add an authentic touch to your Flash Slothmore character.

About Flash Slothmore

Flash Slothmore, with the inherently ironic name, is a Department of Mammal Vehicles employee in Disney’s Zootopia film. Flash is not one of the main characters, however, he is adorable and very popular with fans of the film. As a sloth, Flash obviously doesn’t do anything too quickly, but he loves a good joke and enjoys slow-dancing.

A friend of one of the main characters, Nick Wilde, Flash appears sparingly in the movie, however, he is featured in a hilarious scene at the end of the film where he is pulled over for speeding by Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. This is a most unlikely situation for the world’s slowest creature who is also a DMV employee!

Flash Slothmore

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