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Best Beefsquatch Costume Guide

Beefsquatch is a character who appeared in an episode of FOX’s hit animated series Bob’s Burgers. He is actually played by Bob’s son, Gene Belcher, who dresses up in a Sasquatch costume. Beefsquatch rises to fame when Bob is auditioning for a cooking segment on a local morning television show. Gene decides to crash the filming by dressing up as Sasquatch to steal the burgers Bob made for the audition. He may have only been a one-off character in the series, but he definitely made an impact on fans of the show. Get the look Sasquatch that loves hamburgers with this Beefsquatch costume.

If you want to turn yourself into Bob’s hairy counterpart on Chuck and Pam’s morning show you’ll need a Sasquatch Mask, Yellow T-Shirt, Jean Shorts, White Crew Socks, Toy Cheeseburger, Beefsquatch Burger Costume, and a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers.

Beefsquatch Cosplay Costumes

If you’ve got an event to attend and want to do something a bit different with your costume, then Beefsquatch is the one for you! While everybody should know the main characters from Bob’s Burger’s, you can show that you’re a true fan by cosplaying one of the more obscure characters from the hilarious show. The great thing–it’s basically just Gene Belcher in a sasquatch mask. So, you’re really getting two characters at one time. Just slip on the sasquatch mask and Gene becomes Beefsquatch!

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Beefsquatch Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the hilarious and eccentric world of “Bob’s Burgers” with our Beefsquatch costume guide FAQ. Beefsquatch, the alter ego of Gene Belcher in his burger suit and Sasquatch mask, offers a unique and fun costume choice. This guide will help you recreate Beefsquatch’s iconic look, ideal for fans of the show, comic con attendees, or anyone looking for a humorous and distinctive costume.

Beefsquatch's outfit is a combination of a burger costume and a Sasquatch (or gorilla) mask. The burger costume is a full-body suit that resembles a hamburger, complete with lettuce, cheese, and a bun. The Sasquatch mask should have wild, shaggy hair and a prominent brow. The combination of these two elements captures the absurdity and humor of Beefsquatch.

You can either purchase a pre-made burger costume or create one yourself. If DIY-ing, use large, circular pieces of fabric or foam to form the buns, with additional fabric in green, red, and yellow to represent lettuce, tomato, and cheese. The costume should be large enough to cover your torso and be worn over regular clothes.

Beefsquatch's mask is a Sasquatch or gorilla mask, which can be found at costume stores, especially around Halloween. Look for one with a lot of hair and a somewhat exaggerated, cartoonish face to keep in line with the show's style.

While the main focus of the Beefsquatch costume is the burger suit and mask, you can enhance your costume with props like a toy microphone or a spatula, referencing Gene's love for music and his family's burger restaurant.

To embody Beefsquatch, adopt Gene's playful and enthusiastic personality. Strike poses that are over-the-top and humorous, such as pretending to grill burgers, making exaggerated gestures, or mimicking the dance moves Gene might do. Remember, the essence of Beefsquatch is all about fun and silliness.

About Beefsquatch

Beefsquatch is one of Gene Belcher’s alter-egos on the FOX animated series Bob’s Burgers. When Bob auditions as the host of the “Hey Good Cookin” segment on the local morning television show, his son Gene crashes the audition dressed as a Sasquatch and takes the burger he has just made. This proves to be a hit with the producers of the show, and Bob and Gene (or Beefsquatch, as he calls himself) are hired as regulars on the show.

Since the viewers enjoy seeing the conflict between the pair, both Bob and Gene enlist the help of Louise Belcher, the youngest child, to help them prank each other on air. The prank war escalates and quickly gets out of control, leading to Bob and Gene fighting on air. Bob’s wife, Linda, then runs onto the set and tries to ruin the show with a barrage of profanity. When that fails, Linda, Bob, and Gene all decide to flash the cameras. The show is ultimately canceled.


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