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Purple Dress Shirt
Purple 3-Button Suit
Blonde Hair Wig
Black Glasses
Wing Tip Shoes

Best Felix Fischoeder Costume Guide

Felix Fischoeder is a character from the popular animated series Bob’s Burgers. He first appears on Season 4 eventually becoming an important figure by the end of the season. He is the youngest brother of Calvin Fischoeder, or more commonly known as just Mr. Fischoeder, who is Bob’s landlord. He gets introduced on the show doing some landlord work because his inheritance had run out. His only task was to call a plumber to repair Bob’s bathroom. Instead, he installs a new high-tech bathroom, which he quickly regrets right away. Get the look of the wealthy oddball with this Felix Fischoeder costume guide.

Cosplay the eccentric look of Felix Fischoeder from Bob’s Burger’s by wearing a Purple 3-Button Suit, a Purple Dress Shirt, Wing Tip Shoes, Black Glasses, and a Blonde Hair Wig.

Felix Fischoeder Cosplay Costumes

Felix is known to be quite weird and moody. His short temper has caused him to be rash and sometimes even dangerous. He went as far as attempting to murder his own brother Calvin when he refused to sell the wharf. Maybe “weird” is an understatement. Whatever you call it, his bold personality definitely shows in the way he dresses. If you want to come across as the perplexing as Felix Fischoeder at your next party, come dressed in an all-purple ensemble. Pair a purple dress shirt with a purple 3-button suit. Then, complete the look with black wingtip shoes, and, of course, blonde hair.

Make your cosplay even more recognizable with the rest of the characters on Bob’s Burgers. Gather your best mates and have them dress up as the Belchers: Bob Belcher, Linda Belcher, Tina Belcher, and Louise Belcher. And don’t forget your own brother, Calvin Fischoeder. It’s sure to be a fun family affair!

Felix Fischoeder Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a fashionable journey into the quirky and distinctive style of Felix Fischoeder from the beloved TV show “Bob’s Burgers” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just love his unique look, we’ve got you covered. Dive into these FAQs to master the art of emulating Felix’s memorable style for your next costume event.

Felix Fischoeder's style is characterized by his white suit, which includes a white blazer and pants, typically paired with a light-colored shirt underneath. He often sports a flamboyant bow tie and white shoes, embodying a look of eccentric sophistication. Don't forget his signature accessory, a cane, which adds an extra touch of flair to his ensemble.

Felix has a distinctive, slicked-back hairstyle with a prominent parting on one side. To achieve this look, use a strong-hold gel or pomade to slick your hair back. If your hair is not similar to his in color or length, consider using a wig that you can style accordingly.

Opt for a light-colored dress shirt, such as pale blue or pink, to wear under the white suit. Felix's bow tie is often brightly colored or patterned, adding a pop of color to his outfit. Look for a bold, eye-catching bow tie to capture his unique style.

Felix's white suit is tailored and well-fitted, contributing to his polished yet eccentric appearance. When selecting a suit, aim for one that fits well or consider getting it tailored. Pay attention to the lapels and overall silhouette to match his look as closely as possible.

Felix Fischoeder is known for his whimsical and slightly off-kilter personality. Some memorable phrases you could use include: "Oh, you're serious. I was never good at reading the room.," "I like to whisper too!," "You’re my burger muse.," "Well, it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. Fish don't cry, do they? Do fish cry? I need to know!" and "I’m Felix Fischoeder. I do things my way."These phrases and his overall eccentric demeanor will help bring your Felix Fischoeder costume to life, capturing the essence of this unique character from "Bob's Burgers."

About Felix Fischoeder

Felix Fischoeder is ruled by his strong and, sometimes, confusing emotions. Whenever Felix gets upset, he is known to lock himself inside a room and yell as loud as he can. A lock of his blonde hair falls out whenever he gets this way. The interesting thing is that in front of other people, Felix will try to bottle up and hide his emotions as much as possible. He would even put on a brave face and quiet his voice down.

But in front of his brother, Calvin, Felix has no qualms about showing the full range of his anger. This might be why he poked out Calvin’s eye. Which is why Calvin wears an eyepatch. It might be because, deep down, he longs for the attention and love of his brother. This is seen when Felix becomes visibly upset that Calvin did not give him a compliment after installing a new high-tech bathroom in Bob’s restaurant.

Felix Fischoeder

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