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Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Long Sleeve
Clear Lens Glasses
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Flat-Front Dress Pant
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Best Mr. Fond Costume Guide

Wagstaff school guidance counselor, Phillip Frond, is by the far the dullest star on the Fox animated series Bob’s Burger’s. Dull, however, does not mean boring except for perhaps his signature sweater vests. Follow this costume guide and we’ll help you pull off Mr. Frond’s “anonymous joe” look.

You’ll need a Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve shirt layered underneath a Stitch V-Neck vest. Then, match up a pair of Flat-Front Dress Pants. Cap off the look with Brown Dress Shoes and accessorize with Clear Lens Glasses and a Solid Tie.

Mr. Fond Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for a last minute cosplay that can be thrown together in one quick trip to a local thrift shop, Mr. Frond from Bob’s Burger’s is just the character. His signature outfit is made up of varying shades of green and brown. He typically wears a green sweater vest with a long sleeve collared shirt in pale yellow or a utilitarian green. Wrap up his nondescript look with a pair of brown pants and shoes in a similar color, and you’re set.

While Mr. Frond style is well-rounded enough to hit a convention alone, you have many characters to choose from for group cosplay. Just start with any of the Belcher children—Gene, Tina, or Louise. If you’re interested in couples cosplay, you can add on and off again girlfriend, Gayle. Be sure to check out the featured gallery pics for even more style ideas. Send in your pics and show us your look!

Mr. Fond Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the fastidious and often exasperated Mr. Frond, the school guidance counselor from the popular animated series “Bob’s Burgers.” Known for his somewhat uptight demeanor and endless supply of therapeutic puppets, Mr. Frond’s look is both distinctive and simple to recreate, making it perfect for themed events, cosplay, or any gathering where you want to embody the spirit of this well-meaning character.

Mr. Frond's outfit in "Bob's Burgers" reflects his role as a school counselor. Essential components include a long-sleeved, button-up shirt in a light color like blue or green, a dark tie (often with a simple pattern), and khaki or light-colored dress pants. He typically wears a sweater vest over his shirt, often in a contrasting color like red or brown. Complete the look with dark dress shoes and a pair of round, thin-framed glasses.

Mr. Frond has short, neatly combed brown hair with a bit of a receding hairline. To replicate his hairstyle, comb your hair (or a wig) in a similar neat, side-parted manner. The key is to keep the hair tidy and professional.

For footwear, Mr. Frond wears simple, dark-colored dress shoes. Opt for a pair of conservative dress shoes in black or dark brown that match the professional and somewhat reserved nature of his character.

Key accessories for a Mr. Frond costume include his round, thin-framed glasses, which are a significant aspect of his appearance. Additionally, carrying one of his therapeutic puppets or a clipboard can add to the authenticity of his role as a school counselor.

Mr. Frond is known for his earnest attempts at counseling and often overwrought reactions. Here are some phrases and mannerisms to consider: "I'm Mr. Frond, the school counselor.," "This is a safe space." and "As your guidance counselor, I'm here to help." These quotes and mannerisms capture Mr. Frond's sincere but sometimes overly earnest personality, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Mr. Fond

Phillip Frond is the socially awkward, middle-aged, school guidance counselor at Wagstaff School from the Fox animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers. He is a bachelor, rumored to live with his mother and several beloved cats. Mr. Frond also has a close relationship with his stuffed animals and speaks to them as if they were alive. He is a skilled knitter as well. While awkward, Mr. Frond is not without charm and has dated Linda’s sister Gayle. He also has a crush on the Museum of Natural History employee, Madeline Greenberg.

His gullibility makes him an easy mark for students to take full advantage of him. He believes that talking things out is the solution to everything from surviving a hurricane to student conflict resolution. Title-character Bob Belcher finds him annoying, and the feeling appears to be mutual with Mr. Frond. Though their relationship is strained, Bob and he did bond over their shared love of cake.

Mr. Fond

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