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Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt
Corduroy Pencil Skirt
Short Bob Wig
Horn Rimmed Style Eyeglasses
Fanny Pack
Slip-On Skate Shoe

Best Aunt Gayle Costume Guide

Aunt Gayle is a recurring character on FOX’s popular animated series Bob’s Burgers. Voiced by actor Megan Mullally of former Will and Grace fame, Aunt Gayle has appeared frequently throughout the show’s long history. Socially awkward, prone to depression, and extremely eccentric, Gayle is the sister of Linda Belcher, Bob’s wife. Her storylines often revolve around her relationship with Linda, who she often appears jealous of. The Belcher family goes to extreme lengths to protect Gayle’s emotional fragility. This often has hilarious outcomes. Get the look of the awkward family member with this Aunt Gayle costume guide.

If you want to cosplay Bob Belcher’s neurotic sister-in-law, you’ll need a Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt, Corduroy Pencil Skirt, Short Bob Wig, Horn Rimmed Style Eyeglasses, Fanny Pack, and Slip-On Skate Shoe.

Aunt Gayle Cosplay Costumes

While Gayle is only a recurring character on Bob’s Burgers, she has become increasingly popular throughout the series. From her questionable artwork to her odd bed-time rituals and her chaotic love life, Gayle’s storylines are always a lot of fun–just like cosplaying her character! If you’re not game to try this outfit on for yourself, it would make the perfect gift for a friend who loves to get a little weird, just like Aunt Gayle with her crazy performance art!

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Aunt Gayle Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and imaginative world of “Bob’s Burgers” with our Aunt Gayle costume guide FAQ. Known for her eccentric personality and unique style, Aunt Gayle is a memorable character who brings her own flair to the Belcher family dynamic. This guide will assist you in recreating Aunt Gayle’s distinctive look, perfect for fans of the show, themed parties, or anyone who enjoys her whimsical character.

Aunt Gayle's outfit typically includes a light purple or lavender turtleneck sweater, paired with blue or greenish-blue ankle-length pants. She often wears sensible shoes, like orthopedic or plain walking shoes. Her look wouldn't be complete without her signature thin, round glasses and her curly, somewhat disheveled hair.

To emulate Aunt Gayle's hairstyle, aim for a short, curly wig if you don't have similar hair. The messier, the better. Her glasses are a key part of her look – find a pair of thin, round glasses, preferably with a light or wire frame.

Aunt Gayle's makeup is quite minimal. A light application of blush to give a slightly flushed look and a subtle lipstick or lip gloss will suffice. The focus should be on maintaining a natural and simple appearance.

Aunt Gayle is known for her love of cats, so incorporating cat-themed accessories like earrings or a scarf can enhance your costume. Her mannerisms include a slightly neurotic but endearing personality, often shown through expressive hand gestures and an enthusiastic speaking style.

Bringing in some of Aunt Gayle's memorable quotes can add authenticity to your portrayal. Some notable ones include: "Oh, my little Gayle Force Winds.," "I don't need a man, I have a cat.," "Art is forever, boyfriends are not.," "I'm an independent woman, or at least I'm trying to be." and "Cats don't abide by the laws of nature." These quotes encapsulate Aunt Gayle's quirky nature and her love for cats, art, and independence.

About Aunt Gayle

Aunt Gayle is Linda Belcher’s sister on the hit animated television series Bob’s Burgers. She is a recurring character who is voiced by Megan Mullally. She is extremely eccentric and outwardly cheerful, but she is emotionally fragile and prone to bouts of depression. Gayle lives alone, with her three cats–Jean Paw’d Van Damme, Mr. Business, and Pinkeye. The “cat lady” persona reflects her unlucky love life which has plagued her since high school when she would only show interest in the boys Linda has a crush on. This extended to her developing a crush on Bob in one episode after he mistakenly kissed her while heavily medicated.

Gayle is known for her obscure artwork, such as her series of paintings featuring close-ups of animals’ anuses. As the Belcher family frequently needs to walk on egg-shells to avoid upsetting her, Gayle has these paintings displayed in Bob’s restaurant. Her social awkwardness also sees her pretending that she’s taking shelter from the apocalypse every night before bed, as this justifies to her that sleeping alone is fine.

Aunt Gayle

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