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Red Leather Pants
Red Gloves
Riding Goggles
Red Leather Jacket
Knee High Boots
Motorcycle Helmet

Best Shotaro Kaneda Costume Guide

Shotaro Kaneda is the leader of the Bōsōzoku gang his biker gang that is referred to as The Capsules on the Akira anime and manga franchise. The manga series has been around since 2014, but the anime dates all the way back to 2003! Kaneda acts out against traditional authority figures and rules, in particular, Colonel Shikishima. But, deep down he is a good person and a strong, empathetic leader to his biker club. Get the look of the tough and cocky biker dressed in red with this Shotaro Kaneda costume guide.

Cosplay Kaneda by dressing the part of a biker gang leader in his outfit You can get the same look with just a few items! He is known for wearing bright red, so start this recreation with a Red Leather Jacket and matching Red Leather Pants. Add a pair of Red Gloves to the look along with Knee High Boots, Riding Goggles, and a Motorcycle Helmet so you’re ready to ride with the Capsules!

Shotaro Kaneda Cosplay Costumes

Bikers welcome for this cosplay! As the leader of The Capsules biker gang, cosplaying Shotaro Kaneda means it’s time for you to get suited up with your motorcycle gear. Some costume shops may have biker costumes, but Kaneda’s from the look from both the Akira anime and manga series has a very specific style—all red. We recommend picking up a red leather jacket, pants, and gloves to get as close to his outfit as possible! The motorcycle helmet, goggles, and boots may be easier to find in stores, but you can order them online to make this costume super easy!

Kaneda wouldn’t be the leader of a biker gang without the other bikers to ride along with. Grab some of your rough and tough friends to dress up as Tetsuo Shima, Kaori, Kei, Yamagata, or any of the other characters that appear in the Akira anime and manga series!

Shotaro Kaneda Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for a thrilling ride into the cyberpunk world of “Akira” with our Shotaro Kaneda costume guide FAQ. Ideal for fans of the iconic anime film or anyone looking to channel the rebellious spirit of its protagonist, this guide focuses on recreating Kaneda’s iconic biker look. We cover his signature red motorcycle jacket, helmet, and other key details, ensuring your portrayal is as bold and dynamic as Kaneda himself.

Shotaro Kaneda's most recognizable outfit includes a bright red motorcycle jacket with a capsule logo on the back and the text "Good for Health, Bad for Education." He also wears black pants, motorcycle boots, and a black t-shirt underneath the jacket. Kaneda's outfit is a symbol of his role as a biker gang leader and a key figure in the film.

To replicate Kaneda's jacket, start with a bright red motorcycle or bomber jacket. The key feature is the capsule logo on the back, which you can create using fabric paint or by attaching a patch. The phrase "Good for Health, Bad for Education" should be included around the capsule. This jacket is a central aspect of Kaneda's character and is instantly recognizable to fans of the film.

Shotaro Kaneda is often seen with a motorcycle helmet that matches his jacket. The helmet is red and can be a standard motorcycle helmet. You can add details like the capsule logo to coordinate with the jacket. However, the helmet is not always necessary for the costume, especially if you're focusing on his appearance off the bike.

In addition to his jacket and helmet, Kaneda's costume can be enhanced with accessories like a pair of black motorcycle gloves and a pair of goggles or sunglasses. These items add to the authenticity of the biker look. You may also include a prop replica of his laser gun for added detail.

Kaneda, known for his brash and confident demeanor, has several memorable lines in "Akira." Some of these include: "I'm not a kid anymore, I can take care of myself!," "You've got to be kidding! That thing's not gonna fit in my bike's gas tank!," "Tetsuo, you had me worried again.," "Listen, Tetsuo. You're not the only one who's confused!," and "If you want one so bad, then steal one yourself!" Incorporating these quotes can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal, perfectly capturing Kaneda's daring, rebellious nature, and his loyalty to his friends.

About Shotaro Kaneda

Shotaro Kaneda grew up in an orphanage where he met one of his best friends, Tetsuo Shima. The two became so close that they decided to form a biker club called The Capsules. Tetsuo was seriously injured in a bike collision and lost his desire to do good afterward. Kaneda made the decision to hunt down Tetsuo and put a stop to his mischief. The only problem is that Tetsuo acquired physic abilities after his crash and now is a bigger threat than Kaneda remembers.

Kaneda has a tough outer shell that is known for being cocky in many situations, but what people don’t see on the outside is how brave and kind he really is. You can empathize with Shotaro Kaneda emotional side when he loses one of his members. He can’t hide his sadness. In the Akira anime and manga franchise, Kaneda goes to any length to save his companions no matter the risk it may bring upon his own life.

Shotaro Kaneda

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