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Brown Football Pants
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Brown Leather Aviator Hat
Leatherheads Jersey
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Blue Knee High Socks
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Best Leatherheads Costume Guide

The film Leatherheads was released in 2008, but it takes place in the 1920s. The lead Leatherhead is Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly, played by George Clooney, is the captain of the Duluth Bulldogs football team. Dodge wants to bring football back to the highlight of America’s eye and convinces America’s college football hero, Carter Rutherford, to play for his team and keep the league from going bankrupt. He’s also wanting to win the girl of his dreams, the Chicago Tribune reporter Lexie Littleton. Get the look of early professional football players with this Leatherheads costume guide.

Since Leatherheads is based in the 1920’s, you’re going to want some vintage style football uniforms to recreate the look! Start out with Shoulder Pads that will go underneath your Leatherheads Jersey. Add a pair of Blue Knee High Socks and Brown Football Pants with Brown Leather Boots. Keep the vintage style going with a Brown Leather Aviator Hat for your football helmet. Add a Football and Bulldog Plush to show that you’re not just some vintage football player—you’re a Leatherhead!

Leatherheads Cosplay Costumes

America had more important things to focus on in the 1920’s than Dodge’s football team in Leatherheads. But that didn’t stop him from getting all his players in uniform and throwing them on the field! First things first, head to a sports store for the cheapest pair of shoulder pads, brown football pants, and a football. You can find blue socks in a thrift store if you don’t already own a pair and then lace up a pair of brown leather boots. We recommend finding a Leatherheads jersey and aviator hat online so you can match the look right look! A truly vintage sports look.

A single leatherhead couldn’t make up an entire football team, so gather a few of your buddies to dress as Leatherheads to fill up the rest of the football field. But don’t take the field, gather your players together to huddle up at any Halloween party.

Leatherheads Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the roaring 1920s with our Leather Head Jimmy ‘Dodge’ Connelly costume guide FAQ, inspired by the film “Leatherheads.” Perfect for fans of the movie or anyone looking to embody the charm and style of the era, this guide will help you recreate Dodge’s classic football player look mixed with his off-field charisma. We cover his vintage football gear, everyday attire, and characteristic accessories, ensuring your portrayal is as charismatic and dapper as the character himself.

Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly's outfit combines elements of 1920s football attire and period fashion. For his football look, key elements include a leather football helmet, an old-style football jersey, padded pants, and high-top cleats. Off the field, Dodge sports a more classic 1920s look, with items like a tweed suit, a fedora, a tie, and a dress shirt.

To create Dodge's football look, find a vintage-style football jersey – typically in a solid color with a number on the back. Pair this with padded football pants from the era, which can be replicated using thick, khaki-colored pants with sewn-in padding. The leather helmet is a crucial piece and can be sourced from costume or sports memorabilia shops.

For Dodge's off-field appearance, aim for a classic 1920s style. This includes a tweed or wool suit, preferably in a herringbone or check pattern. Wear a dress shirt and a period-appropriate tie, along with a fedora, to complete the look. The suit should be tailored to fit well, reflecting Dodge's suave and charismatic personality.

Key accessories for a Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly costume include a leather football (appropriate to the 1920s era), a fedora for his off-field look, and a classic wristwatch. These accessories add to the authenticity of the character's portrayal as both a football player and a gentleman.

Dodge Connelly is known for his wit, charm, and leadership on and off the field. Some memorable aspects of his character include his clever quips, his confident demeanor, and his passion for the game of football. Incorporating a confident and charismatic attitude, along with a love for the sport, will bring depth to your portrayal of Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly.

About Leatherheads

Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly had a passion to bring football back into the lives of Americans! It is the heart and soul of the country and he wanted to make sure no one forgot that! The team he gathered together wasn’t the most athletic, but when he came across Carter Rutherford he knew he found a star player. Carter, played by John Krasinski, was a hero during the war (so he says) with a charming smile and dashing good looks to go along with his reputation.

When Chicago Tribune reporter Lexie Littleton came to the game, Dodge lost track of what he was originally doing and knew he had to win her heart. How in the world would he win when he’s playing alongside the flawless football player, Carter Rutherford who has his eyes set on the same prize.


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