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Nyota Uhura Costume Guide

Best Nyota Uhura Costume Guide

Meet one of the most elite female commanders in the history of outerspace—Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, one of the fictional female characters in Star Trek: The Original Series. She is a translator and a former communications officer of the USS Enterprise who manages transmissions with other ships. A woman of exceptional skills, she has filled in different positions in the Enterprise such as becoming a lieutenant and bridge officer, and excelled in them. She played an important role in helping the Enterprise stay in one piece and with her crew, Uhura faced many challenges including encountering aggressive aliens, going to mysterious planets, renegade spacecraft, and even fighting among her crew members like Bones and Spock.

Get the look of the fierce Star Trek female character with this Nyota Uhura Costume Guide. Transform into Lieutenant Nyota Uhura with this uniform. Dress up in this Nyota Uhura Uniform, and black boots and look chic but fierce ready for any action.

Nyota Uhura Cosplay Costumes

Private, composed, and brave, Uhura does her job with poise and grace. This smart and confident woman can take enemies any day. She does well in everything she does and she even looks great in her uniform.

Channel your inner girl power by cosplaying Lieutenant Uhura and be that someone in the party who steals the night with her prowess. Out of the other Star Trek character costumes, Uhura’s attire is one of the easiest to copy. To copy the look, throw in a classic style red long sleeve dress and add matching badges for a more detailed look. For the footwear, put on comfortable black boots for that badass vibe. Finally, put your hair up for that clean overall style. Get your crew and invite your friends to go for an extraterrestrial theme and have a Star Trek studded cast cosplay and delight the Star Trek fanatics.

About Nyota Uhura

Nyota Uhura is a strong character to follow among the casts of the Star Trek franchise. She’s a highly capable commander, and she works as a translator and communications crew officer at Starship Enterprise since she is well versed in linguistics, cryptography, and philology. She’s a respected member of the crew who’s capable of anything and she handles her job with poise and grace even the difficult ones.

Uhura is from the African heritage and she is proud of it. She was one of the first black characters in television making her an important part of the original crew. Additionally, her kiss with Captain Kirk was the first interracial kiss seen on television. Nyota Uhura’s character from the original series was portrayed by actress Nichelle Nichols while Zoe Saldana got the role of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the 2009 reboots of Star Trek.

Nyota Uhura

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