How to Dress Like Android 17

Male TV Shows Anime
Men's Washed T-Shirt
Men's Performance T-Shirt
Solid Color Bandanas
Men's Belt And Holster
Men's Light Blue Slim Jeans
Dragon Ball Z Red Ribbon Mark Patch
Military Style Belt with Gold Buckle
Converse Men's Chuck Taylor
Solid Color Men's Socks

Best Android 17 Costume Guide

Classic manga character Android 17 from the Dragon Ball series, is half of the brother and sister duo forcibly turned into cyborgs by the evil Dr. Gero. A simple but popular cosplay option, following this costume guide can help you pull off Android 17’s decidedly 90’s style. Start with a Men’s Washed T-Shirt over a Men’s Performance T-Shirt. Tied around your neck, we recommend a Solid Color Bandanna.

Chose an authentic Dragon Ball Z Red Ribbon Mark Patch to attach in a place of your choice. Wear a basic pair of Men’s Light Blue Slim Jeans belted with a Military Style Belt with Gold Buckle and a Men’s Belt and Holster to go over both. Cap off the outfit with some Converse Men’s Chuck Taylors and Solid Color Men’s Socks.

Android 17 Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to cosplay a popular manga character at your next convention, Dragon Ball’s Android 17 is an easy option to consider. Luckily many of the pieces for this look are already in your closet and the accessories are easily found online or in your local craft section. Begin with a long sleeve white t-shirt under a black t-shirt. A red bandanna is easy enough to find in most stores or can be cut from a red piece of fabric.

Pair some jeans with a chunky pair of lime green socks which can be found at a shoe store or surprisingly enough a local drug store. Dark hair parted in the middle will complete Android 17’s look. If you’re interested in group cosplay it would be natural to include 17’s sister Android 18 or nemesis, Dr. Gero. Other options can include his niece Marron or brother-in-law Kuririn. Check out the featured pics for more style ideas. Send in your own pics as well and show us what you come up with!

Android 17 Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the dynamic world of “Dragon Ball” with our Android 17 costume guide FAQ. Android 17, known for his cool demeanor and distinctive style, is a popular character from the “Dragon Ball” series. This FAQ is designed to help you recreate Android 17’s iconic look, perfect for anime conventions, cosplay events, or any gathering where you want to embody the essence of this powerful and enigmatic character.

Android 17's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and casual style. Key components include a black short-sleeved T-shirt with a white long-sleeved undershirt, a blue denim vest with torn sleeves, and light blue jeans. Additionally, he wears a green scarf or neckerchief, a brown belt with a silver buckle, and dark blue sneakers. This attire captures Android 17's laid-back yet battle-ready persona.

Android 17 has a distinctive hairstyle that's important to his character's appearance. His hair is black, straight, and falls just above his shoulders with a parting in the middle. To replicate his hairstyle, use a black wig and style it to have a slightly tousled, unkempt look that matches his carefree attitude.

Android 17's makeup should be minimal, focusing on defining the eyebrows to match his hair color. Additional details that are crucial to his look include a pair of small hoop earrings, one in each ear. This subtle accessory is key to replicating his signature style.

While Android 17's costume is relatively simple, carrying a prop that resembles his energy attacks or a Dragon Ball can add an extra touch of authenticity to your cosplay. However, remember that the main focus of his character is his cool and composed demeanor, so props should be understated and not detract from the overall look.

Android 17 is known for his calm and confident attitude, and including some of his memorable quotes can add depth to your portrayal. Some of his notable lines include: "Let's enjoy the game for now.," "I'm not interested in conquering anything. It's just that fighting is the only thing I'm good at.," "I never thought I'd be fighting side by side with a Saiyan. Look at what a mess you've gotten me into.," "You've got the wrong idea about us. We never intended to kill anyone." and "I guess we really are a bunch of misfits." These quotes capture Android 17's pragmatic approach to life, his unexpected depth, and his evolution from an antagonist to a more complex character.

About Android 17

Starting off as an impetuous agitator, Android 17 later proves to be rebelling against a non-existent cause. He harbors a deep hatred for Dr. Gero for forcibly making him and his sister into cyborgs. He is also overconfident in his abilities and does not believe anyone to be more powerful than he is until he sees otherwise in the battle between Android 16 and Cell. While the ability of superhuman speed and strength among his many powers, young Android 17 does not take his quests very seriously, often treating them as a game.

As he matures and acquires an occupation with the Royal Nature Park, he begins to channel his rebellious energy into curbing poachers and all others with ill intent. It seems his restless energy merely needed a task to focus on in order to stabilize his personality flaws. His love of nature helps soothe his hyperactivity and settles him down enough to marry and care for children. Seemingly immortal, he is revived the four times he dies throughout his life.

Android 17

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