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The Man Upstairs is the overarching antagonist of the 2014 LEGO Movie played by famous Hollywood actor Will Ferrell. The Man Upstairs is actually Finn’s father—a LEGO collector and the creator of Bricksburg. He is Finn’s inspiration for President Business and is first seen in the movie when Emmet touches the Piece of Resistance. When Emmet falls into the Hole of Infinity, he becomes an inanimate minifigure in the real world. He sees The Man Upstairs getting mad at Finn for ruining his LEGO models by mixing characters with the wrong playsets and for making creations such as MetalBeard.

Get the look of the evil LEGO overlord with this The Man Upstairs costume guide. Rule Bricksburg wearing a black suit with a white shirt and red tie, black dress shoes, an analog watch, and a wedding ring. Don’t forget to include a LEGO set with your outfit!

The Man Upstairs Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up as The Man Upstairs is straightforward in that you’ll only need to dress up as a typical corporate suit. It’s a costume you may already have or can easily reuse for other occasions. The fun part of the look, however, is going back to the childhood nostalgia of building Lego models. That’s because the most critical part of this costume is the accessories you’ll carry around with you. What else but Lego? You are, after all, the overlord that controls the LEGO Movie world that Emmet and all the other LEGO Movie characters reside in.

Don’t merely build a Lego world; create a costume too! And influence your friends while you’re at it. Encourage your friends to add on to your look and make a group cosplay. Have them dress up as Emmet Brickowski, Batman, Superman, Wyldstyle, and Han Solo.

The Man Upstairs Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the imaginative world of “The Lego Movie” with our costume guide FAQ, focusing on the character known as “The Man Upstairs.” As a key figure in the film, The Man Upstairs represents the real-world aspect of the Lego universe. This guide is designed to help you replicate his look, perfect for fans looking to portray a character that symbolizes creativity and the bridge between fantasy and reality.

The Man Upstairs is depicted as an average adult male with a casual, everyday appearance. His outfit typically includes a plain, long-sleeve, button-up shirt (often in a neutral color like white or light blue), dress pants (usually dark-colored), and a simple belt. He also wears standard dress shoes. His look is completed with neat, short hair and often a serious facial expression, reflecting his initial portrayal as somewhat stern and orderly.

The Man Upstairs has neat, short hair, which can be achieved with your natural hair or a wig if necessary. For facial features, he has a clean-shaven look, so a clean shave or makeup to cover facial hair would be ideal. His serious, contemplative expressions are a key part of his character, especially in the context of his interactions with the Lego world.

To enhance your portrayal of The Man Upstairs, consider carrying Lego bricks or a small Lego creation, as these are central to his role in the movie. This not only adds authenticity to the costume but also pays homage to the theme of creativity that is pivotal in "The Lego Movie."

For shoes, opt for standard men's dress shoes in black or brown. The belt should be simple and match the color of the shoes. These elements contribute to his everyday, relatable appearance.

The Man Upstairs, known for his initially authoritative tone, has several impactful lines, such as: “The way I'm using them makes them an adult thing,” “These are my things. You’re not playing with them the way they’re supposed to be played with,” “You don’t touch anything in the basement,” “You’ve got to keep things separate or everything gets mixed up and nothing’s special” and “Where are my pants?” (referring to the 'Where are my pants?' guy from the Lego sitcom in the movie) These quotes reflect The Man Upstairs’ perspective on creativity and control, adding depth to the character's role in the story.

About The Man Upstairs

The Man Upstairs gets angry at his son Finn for his wild, hodgepodge creations that his son tries to combine with his own. Finn argues that Lego is supposed to be for children, but The Man Upstairs says adults play with Lego a different way—by Krazy Gluing each Lego creation permanently. In a violent fit of permanently gluing specific Lego models in place, such as Mrs. Scratchen-Post and the “Where are my pants?” Guy, he notices the Emmet Brickowski figure and attempts to get the glue off of his back.

When The Man Upstairs is distracted, Emmet attempts to move and falls off from the table where Finn notices him. Finn puts him through a tube that takes him back to Bricksburg. Finn, in the real world, tries to tell his father about creativity. The Man Upstairs listens to Finn’s words and allows him to play with Lego the way he wants. This, of course, is mirrored in the Lego universe as President Business gaining his redemption.

The Man Upstairs

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