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Best Janet Snakehole Costume Guide

Janet Snakehole is an alter ego of the April Ludgate character on Parks and Recreation. She is portrayed by actor Aubrey Plaza and appears in four episodes of this massively popular show. April uses the name of Janet Snakehole under different circumstances, so the personality does change while the name remains the same. For instance, she pretends Janet Snakehole is the daughter of a popular bar owner, but then later also develops the character into an aristocratic widow.

She may only appear infrequently during the show, but due to Aubrey Plaza’s popularity, she has become a crucial part of Parks and Recreation history. If you want to transform into Janet Snakehole just like April Ludgate does, you’ll need a Black Top, Black Skirt, Pillbox Hat with Veil, Black Heels, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Bracelet and Cigarette Holder.

Janet Snakehole Cosplay Costumes

Aubrey Plaza has become quite a sensation in Hollywood since her appearance on Parks and Recreation and is now known for her oddball personality both in and out of character. So while she can bring a little bit of her own zaniness to the roles she plays, you don’t need any inner weirdness to dress as Janet Snakehole, an alter-ego of her Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate.

All you need is the costume and a desire to have fun. So if that sounds like you, get your costume ready, and get some friends to join you. Maybe you can have a friend dress as Burt Macklin (Andy Dwyer’s alter-ego who roleplays with April), or even other Parks and Recreation characters Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. If you decide to dress as the mysterious Janet Snakehole, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Janet Snakehole Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the mysterious and glamorous world of Janet Snakehole, the whimsical alter ego of April Ludgate from “Parks and Recreation,” with our elaborate costume guide FAQ. Channel the charm and intrigue of Pawnee’s most enigmatic heiress as we explore how to perfectly capture her distinctive 1920s flapper-style look, complete with a touch of playful deceit.

Janet Snakehole's outfit is an homage to the classic 1920s flapper style, with a twist of comedic noir. Key elements include a black, vintage flapper dress adorned with fringes or beads, a faux fur stole or shawl, a cloche hat (preferably black), and a string of pearls. To complete the ensemble, add a pair of classic black heels and a vintage-style clutch.

Janet Snakehole's makeup is bold and reminiscent of the 1920s era. Focus on dark, smoky eye makeup, dramatic eyeliner, and dark red lipstick. Her hairstyle typically involves a short bob, often with finger waves or curls. If you don't have short hair, consider using a wig styled in a 1920s bob.

A black cloche hat is quintessential to Janet Snakehole's look. The hat should sit low on the forehead and complement the flapper dress. Accessories are crucial – a long string of pearls, a vintage clutch, and possibly a cigarette holder (as a prop) add to the authenticity of the costume. Remember, Janet is all about drama and allure.

To portray Janet Snakehole, adopt a mysterious and slightly melodramatic demeanor. Use a high-pitched, posh accent and maintain an air of mystery and aristocracy. Practice delivering lines with a dramatic flair, and don't forget to occasionally reference her made-up, wealthy background for comedic effect.

Incorporating Janet Snakehole's quotes will add depth to your portrayal. Some iconic lines include: "I'm Janet Snakehole. I'm a very rich widow with a terrible secret.," "Who's ready to party?," "Darling, it's so hard being wealthy and beautiful.," "You'll never get the truth out of me!" and"I must away to my villa in the south of France!" These quotes perfectly capture Janet Snakehole's over-the-top, dramatic persona and will bring an element of fun and authenticity to your costume.

About Janet Snakehole

Janet Snakehole is an alter-ego used by the April Ludgate character on NBC’s cult classic Parks and Recreation. Favorite actress Aubrey Plaza plays the role of Janet Snakehole. Her first appearance comes when April and friend Andy challenge each other to get as much free stuff as they can at a bar called the Snakehole Lounge. Donning a staff t-shirt, April claims to be Janet Snakehole, the bar owner’s daughter.

Later though, when the pair decides to roleplay at the Snakehole Lounge again, the persona of Janet has changed to a wealthy, posh widow who dramatically protests her innocence to Andy, who has transformed into Burt Macklin, an FBI agent. She keeps the charade going into the next morning, and also later adopts the persona to play Janet Snakehole again while creating a fake movie to grant Andy’s bucket list item of being an action movie star.

Janet Snakehole

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