How to Dress Like Dean Venture

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Dean Venture Costume Guide
Stretch Chino
Sleeveless Sweater
Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt
Military-style Belt
Brown Dial Watch
BeautyMarks - Freckles
High-Top Casual Sneakers

Best Dean Venture Costume Guide

Dean Venture is one of the main characters on the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. He is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. Dean is one of Dr. Thaddeus Venture’s twin boys, and to put it bluntly, he is the more intelligent one. He is much more shy than his brother Hank, but he seems to have picked up his father’s knack for science – something his brother struggles with immensely. He is the voice of reason between the two brothers, always taking a more cautious approach and warning his brother against doing something stupid – even though Hank rarely listens.

If you want to get the look of nerdy brother Dean in The Venture Bros, you’ll need to get yourself a Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt, Sleeveless Sweater, Stretch Chino, Military-style Belt, High-Top Casual Sneakers, Brown Dial Watch, and some BeautyMarks-Freckles.

Dean Venture Cosplay Costumes

Of all the highly popular shows seen on Adult Swim over the years, it is a testament to the popularity of The Venture Bros that it is now the longest running original series. So you know that if you’re going to turn up to an event dressed as the red-haired freckly twin who almost always wears a sweater-vest, then people are going to get a kick out of it.

We bet you have a friend or two who also loves The Venture Bros, so surely they want to join in on the fun and dress as the tougher brother Hank Venture, or maybe even their super-scientist father Thaddeus ‘Rusty’ Venture. If you do get out and about as Dean Venture and his brother Hank for your next Halloween party or cosplay event, then don’t forget to submit your photos to our Halloween Costume Contest for a chance to win some serious cash.

About Dean Venture

Dean Venture is a fictional character on Adult Swim’s long-running series The Venture Bros, which is a combined satire of both boy adventurer series and space-age fiction from the 1960’s. The show puts together a group of characters who are generally incompetent at all of their adventures. While Dean has developed an aptitude for science like his father, he is shown as a weakling who is easily pushed around and is generally too cautious to get anything done.

His father even calls him ‘more feminine’ than his twin brother Hank, who is almost the complete opposite of Dean. Dean is known to take in all of the information passed to him through the special subliminal learning aids installed in the brothers’ beds. Despite the fact that the brothers usually get themselves into trouble, they exhibit an uncanny knack for combining Dean’s brains and Hank’s brawn to defeat super-villains and get themselves out of harm’s way.

Dean Venture

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