How to Dress Like Tim Murphy

Male Movies
Denim Shirt
Striped T-shirt
Brown Belt with Brass Buckle
Khaki Shorts
White Crew Socks
Complete Guide to Dinosaurs
White Reebok Sneakers
Navy Blue Bandana
Twilight Blue Backpack

Best Tim Murphy Costume Guide

Tim is a secondary character from the Jurassic Park film and novel, but his bravery, intelligence, and smart mouth made us want to see him in every scene! Tim is the classic little boy who doesn’t want anything to do with sports like people would assume. He is too smart to be put into one category, and now he must stay out of harm’s way in the park of dinosaurs!

Get Tim’s look with a Demin Shirt, a Striped T-Shirt, a Brown Belt with a Brass Buckle, Khaki Shorts, White Crew Socks, White Reebok Sneakers, a Navy Blue Bandana, a Twilight Blue Backpack, and the Complete Guide to Dinosaurs book.

Tim Murphy Cosplay Costumes

Jurassic Park characters are always a classic costume choice for cosplay parties, and Tim is the perfect example of a kid ready to see dinosaurs! His costume is prepared for any adventure…even the one where he is running for his life! Don’t worry, we can help you get this same look with a few clothing items and accessories. You may already have some of these pieces and the costume will be crazy easy for you to recreate!

Start by throwing on a striped t-shirt and a denim shirt over that. Add a blue bandana by tying it around your neck. With a pair of Khaki shorts, a brown belt, and white Reebok sneakers with white crew sock, you will have the majority of the costume! The last pieces to really complete the look are a blue backpack and a copy of the Complete Guide to Dinosaurs book. Now you really look like Tim! Take a picture in the wild outdoors to really feel like you’re in Jurassic Park and make sure to send us a copy! Check out the other recreations of this look for a few more awesome pointers!

Tim Murphy Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the thrilling and adventurous world of “Jurassic Park” with our costume guide for Tim Murphy, the young dinosaur enthusiast and one of the key characters in the film. Portrayed by Joseph Mazzello, Tim’s look is that of a typical early ’90s kid on an unexpected adventure. This guide will assist you in replicating Tim Murphy’s iconic outfit, perfect for movie-themed events, cosplay, or any fan gathering.

Tim Murphy's outfit in "Jurassic Park" is quintessentially early '90s and practical for a day at a dinosaur park. His costume includes a blue denim shirt, layered over a graphic or striped t-shirt. He wears standard khaki shorts and a pair of high-top sneakers. Tim's look is completed with a dark blue or black baseball cap, often worn backwards.

Tim has a typical early '90s hairstyle – short and neatly combed with a slight part. It's a low-maintenance, clean-cut look. If your hair isn't similar, a short, dark wig can be styled to match. Remember, his hair is often obscured by his baseball cap.

Tim wears classic high-top sneakers in the film. They should be comfortable and practical, in a neutral color like white, black, or gray, which were common for kids' sneakers in the early '90s. The key is to choose footwear that looks like it could handle a day of running from dinosaurs!

A key accessory for Tim Murphy's costume is his baseball cap, which he often wears backwards. Additionally, consider carrying props like a pair of binoculars or a toy dinosaur, reflecting Tim's interest in dinosaurs and his experiences in the park.

Sure! Tim has several memorable lines that showcase his enthusiasm for dinosaurs and his adventurous spirit. Here are a few: "It's a Velociraptor!," "He left us! He left us!," "That is one big pile of...," "I read your book!," and "Are they heavy? Then they're expensive, put 'em back." These lines capture Tim's curious and spirited nature, making them great for adding authenticity to your portrayal of the character.

About Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy is the youngest person on the Jurassic Park adventure. He is the brother of Lex Murphy and the grandson of John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park. Tim got to join in on the expedition because his parents were going through a divorce and his family thought the trip would be a good distraction for him. Little did Tim and the rest of the group know, that he would be running for his life away from the rogue dinosaurs.

Instead of being interested in sports like his father would hope, Tim is much more interested in computers, games, and dinosaurs. Tim is a smart kid and tries to explain to the adults that the dinosaurs aren’t likely to stay behaved because they are predators trapped in very small spaces. He ends up saving some of the other characters all while being taken off by his older sister who doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Tim.

Tim Murphy

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