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Green Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
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Best Polaris Costume Guide

Polaris, real name Lorna Dane, is a fictional character from TV’s The Gifted, a series created by Matt Nix based on the X-Men universe. Lorna has the abilities to control magnetism, just like Magneto in the blockbuster films. (In the comics, Magneto is Lorna’s father). In the TV series she is played by actor Emma Dumont and was originally only supposed to be in the show briefly as a love interest for another character, Eclipse.

As the series went on, she became a more integral part of the story, and she shows a great dedication to the Underground Railroad project established to save mutants. If you’re ready to fight for the rights of mutants everywhere dressed as Polaris, you’ll be needing a Green Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Colored Hair Spray, Stretch Skinny Jeans, Military Safari Anorak Jacket, and Walking Running Shoes.

Polaris Cosplay Costumes

Everyone loves a good bit of X-Men cosplay, right? Well, we’re pretty sure they do – you only have to look around Comic-Con to see the massive amount of people who love turning up dressed as their favorite characters. In case you’re getting a bit bored with same old costumes from the movie characters, we’re pleased to start bringing you some cool characters from the Fox TV series The Gifted, which follows a different set of mutants from the X-Men universe.

If you’re attending an upcoming event in numbers, how about trying to coordinate your outfits and having some friends dress as other favorite characters from The Gifted, such as Thunderbird, Blink, Eclipse, the Strucker family or Jace Turner. Cosplay is all the more fun with friends, so get started today and show everybody how cool the new bunch of X-Men mutants really are!

Polaris Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of “The Gifted” with our costume guide FAQ for Polaris, the powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. Known for her distinctive green hair and strong-willed personality, Polaris is a standout character who grapples with her identity and powers. This guide will help you recreate Polaris’ unique look, perfect for fans of the show who admire her complex character and formidable abilities.

Polaris' outfit in "The Gifted" reflects her rebellious and resilient nature. Key components often include a dark, tactical-style suit or leather jacket, which is both practical and stylish. She sometimes wears combat boots and dark pants, suitable for her role as a fighter. Polaris' look is completed with her signature green hair, which is one of her most recognizable features.

To replicate Polaris' green hair, you can either dye your hair with a temporary or semi-permanent green hair color or use a wig. The shade of green can vary, but it's typically a vibrant, emerald hue. Styling should be modern and edgy to match her character's bold personality.

Polaris' makeup is typically strong and striking, with an emphasis on the eyes. Use dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a bold, intense look. A neutral or slightly dark lip color can complement the eye makeup without overpowering it.

Key accessories for Polaris include a pair of black gloves, which can be both stylish and functional. If you want to showcase her mutant powers, consider incorporating metallic props that can represent her magnetic abilities, like faux metal shards or wires.

Embodying Polaris involves capturing her fierce, determined, and sometimes conflicted nature. Some memorable quotes and traits to include are: Her confidence and assertiveness, often shown in her stance and expressions. "I am not my father. I am not my family.," Her protective nature, especially towards those she cares about. "You should know better than to corner an animal like a dog or a wolf... or me." With these elements, your Polaris costume will not only capture her unique and edgy look but also reflect the essence of her character's journey as a powerful mutant struggling with her identity and destiny in "The Gifted."

About Polaris

Polaris is a mutant character who features in the hit Fox show The Gifted, where she is played by actor Emma Dumont. Her special ability is controlling magnetism. Therefore anything metal is a potential weapon for Polaris. If that sounds familiar, its because this is the power shown by Magneto in the X-Men films, and in the comics, it is revealed that Magneto is Polaris’ father, a topic which is hinted at in The Gifted.

She is extremely loyal to the mutant cause, and although she had a romantic interest in fellow mutant Eclipse, it becomes clear that she is even more dedicated to the Underground Railroad project than he is. Polaris is also pregnant during the first series, giving her something extra to fight for, and this also begins to change her abilities as the season goes on. One thing is clear, Polaris is willing to fight to save the lives of other mutants, especially her unborn child.


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