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Turquoise Pen
Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt
Cat Eye Glasses
Black Hair Wig
Straight Leg Blue Jeans
Yellow Slip On Shoes
Waist Apron

Best Linda Belcher Costume Guide

Linda Belcher is the cheerful, enthusiastic matriarch of the Belcher family on the FOX animated series, Bob’s Burgers. Voiced by John Roberts, Linda is known for her love of the performing arts and has a friendly, talkative demeanor. She is unwavering in her support of her husband Bob Belcher and his restaurant. She is also a loving mother to three children—Gene Belcher, Louise Belcher, and Tina Belcher. While Linda means well, she is often viewed as a pushover, especially by her children. However, when she really wants something, she knows how to get it! Linda is particularly protective of her younger sister, Gayle. Get the look of the 45-year-old mother of three with this Linda Belcher costume guide.

Transform yourself into Linda Belcher. To cosplay her character you will need a Long Sleeved Henley T-Shirt, Cat Eye Glasses, Black Hair Wig, Straight Leg Blue Jeans, Yellow Slip-On Shoes, Waist Apron, and Turquoise Pens.

Linda Belcher Cosplay Costumes

As one of the main characters on FOX’s animated comedy Bob’s Burgers, you going to love cosplaying Linda Belcher. As the ever-supportive wife of the title character Bob, she pitches in as a cook in the family restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. Because of this, her outfit is always fun and easily identifiable! Aside from her clothing, her personality is a stark contrast to her husband’s pessimistic personality with a happy-go-lucky attitude.

With so many fun characters on Bob’s Burgers to cosplay, why not get some friends together and throw a Bob’s Burgers themed party? Or show up to someone else’s event in coordinating costumes! Check out the other characters from the show like Mr. Fond, Gene Belcher, Aunt Gayle, Bob Belcher, Tina Belcher, or Louise Belcher. We’ve got all the Bob’s Burger costume guides here on Costume Wall.

Linda Belcher Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and humorous world of “Bob’s Burgers” with our Linda Belcher costume guide FAQ. Linda, known for her upbeat personality and unwavering support for her family’s business, has a distinct and simple style that’s easy and fun to recreate. This guide will help you capture Linda’s look and spirit, perfect for fans of the show, cosplay enthusiasts, or anyone attending a themed party.

Linda Belcher's outfit is characterized by its practicality and signature red color. Essential components include a bright red long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. She typically wears black, low-heeled shoes. Linda's most distinctive feature is her black, medium-length hair styled with her iconic red glasses. To complete the look, add a white apron, as she often wears one while helping at the family burger restaurant.

Linda has a simple, straight hairstyle with bangs. If you have similar hair, style it to match hers. Otherwise, a black medium-length wig can be used. The red glasses are crucial for her look – find a pair of red-framed glasses, preferably in a rounded style, to mimic her signature accessory.

Linda's apron is a basic white kitchen apron, which she wears while working in the restaurant. Any simple white apron will do – the key is to keep it plain and functional.

To enhance your Linda Belcher costume, consider carrying a prop that resembles a burger or a spatula, symbolizing her role in the family burger restaurant. You could also add a notepad and pen for taking orders, adding to the authentic feel of being a part of the "Bob's Burgers" crew.

Linda Belcher is known for her enthusiastic and supportive personality. Incorporate some of her memorable phrases and singing into your portrayal, such as: "Alright!," "Have fun!," "Oh my God!," Singing little songs about daily activities. and her supportive and loud cheer. Remember, Linda's character is all about being upbeat, loving, and a bit quirky.

About Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher, voiced by John Roberts, is one of the main characters appearing on the FOX animated series Bob’s Burgers. She is Bob’s husband and mother to three children Gene, Louise, and Tina. She spends most of her time working in the family restaurant. She is characterized as an extrovert that is very talkative. She often becomes annoyed if customers don’t share her love of small talk.

Linda cares deeply for her family, and when she is not being manipulated into doing the children’s homework, she is indulging in her love of the performing arts. Linda is also responsible for protecting her sister, Gayle, from emotional distress. She is by far the most outgoing member of the Belcher family and is always supportive of her husband Bob. As friendly as Linda is though, you don’t want to mess with her on the road, unless you want to feel her unbridled wrath!

Linda Belcher

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