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Black Slip On Dress Shoes
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Chef Works Bib Apron
Gray Khaki Pants
Gentlemen's Mustache

Best Bob Belcher Costume Guide

Robert “Bob” Belcher, voiced by H. John Benjamin, is the title character on FOX’s long-running and popular animated series Bob’s Burgers. While the rest of his family can seem crazy at times, Bob himself is actually quite sensible and measured in everything he does. With all the chaos around him, Bob just wants to be a good father and husband while running a successful restaurant he can be proud of. Bob barely has any enemies, except maybe Jimmy Pesto, a pizza shop owner who he competes with Bob regularly. Get the look of the third generation restaurateur with this Bob Belcher costume guide.

Cosplay as the owner of Bob’s Burgers, Bob Belcher, with Black Slip On Dress Shoes, a Crew Neck T-Shirt, a Chef Works Bib Apron, Gray Khaki Pants, and don’t forget the most important item–a Gentlemen’s Mustache.

Bob Belcher Cosplay Costumes

Anyone up for a burger? You’re going to love cosplaying the lovable patriarch of Bob’s Burgers, because who doesn’t love trying on a fake mustache. It will be even better if you grow your own for a more authentic look! As the title character of the show, Bob is probably the most recognizable character and one of the more well-known animated characters in general. You’ll never be confused for anybody else if you’re cosplaying Bob Belcher’s look.

If you have a group of friends looking for a combined costume idea, choose some of the other Bob’s Burgers costume guides. Why not have your buddies dress up as Mr. Fond, Gene Belcher, Linda Belcher, Tina Belcher, Louise Belcher, Aunt Gayle, or even the hilarious Beefsquatch. We’ve got most of these Bob’s Burgers costume guides here on Costume Wall. If you and your friends get together and try out these great costumes, we’d love to see the photos of your cosplay!

Bob Belcher Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of the beloved burger chef with our Bob Belcher costume guide FAQ from “Bob’s Burgers.” This section aims to help fans embody Bob’s down-to-earth and hardworking character. Ideal for cosplay, themed parties, or simply paying homage to your favorite burger-flipping TV dad, our FAQ covers all you need to know to nail Bob’s signature look.

Bob's outfit is practical and straightforward, reflecting his role as a hardworking restaurateur. Essential elements include a white crew neck t-shirt, gray work pants, and a white apron with front pockets. He also wears black shoes, often seen in the kitchen. Don't forget his small, well-trimmed mustache for an authentic Bob look.

Bob wears a simple white apron, the quintessential attire of a chef or a cook. It's a plain apron with no frills, and it features front pockets that often hold kitchen essentials. You can easily find a similar apron at kitchen supply stores or online. For an added touch, you might lightly stain it with 'burger grease' to reflect his time in the kitchen.

Bob's gray work pants are straightforward, with a relaxed and comfortable fit. They should be basic, without any distinctive features or patterns. His shoes are practical black kitchen shoes, ideally slip-resistant. The focus is on simplicity and practicality, much like Bob's character.

Bob has a simple, short, and slightly messy hairstyle, which is easy to replicate. His most distinctive feature is his well-trimmed, dark mustache, which sits neatly above his upper lip. If you can grow a similar mustache, great; if not, a fake mustache will do the trick.

Bob is known for his dry humor and heartfelt remarks. Here are some memorable quotes: "Oh my God, my crotch is itchy.," "Listen, you're my children and I love you, but you're all terrible at what you do here and I feel like I should tell you, I'd fire all of you if I could.," "I love you but you're all terrible.," "Why does everything I whip leave me?" and "We're a family. We'll make it work. You're all so important to me." These quotes reflect Bob's loving yet often overwhelmed character, perfect for bringing authenticity to your portrayal.

About Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher is voiced by H. John Benjamin in the hilarious FOX animated series, Bob’s Burgers. Bob is a third generation restaurant owner, father, and husband who takes pride in all three of his jobs. He loves his children Tina, Gene, and Louise dearly and shares a close bond with all of them. Despite being a very sensible, level-headed person, he is married to the flamboyant Linda who ensures his life is always kept interesting!

Although he doesn’t get a great deal of respect from his kids, he is genuinely loved by his whole family and they support his restaurant dreams tirelessly. While his wife, kids, and extended family generally throw Bob’s life into turmoil, he always maintains a bright outlook on life. He maintains a calm and patient demeanor. He is known to have very few enemies, however, he often clashes with Jimmy Pesto who is a rival restaurateur with a nearby pizza shop.

Bob Belcher

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