30 Cat Costumes That Are Too Cute

30 Cat Costumes That Are Too Cute

Kittens need to dress up on Halloween too! We’ve scoured the web and found 30 of the very best cat costumes to help you dress up your feline this fall. Get some inspiration from fellow cat lovers with these creative and silly costumes they’ve made for their four-legged friends.

1. Sushi Cat

This cat sits atop a bed of sticky rice all wrapped in seaweed.


 2. French Feline

Complete with a beret and a scarf, this feline even meows with a French accent.


 3. Little Red Riding Cat

It looks like this kitty accidentally put on the costume; she was supposed to be grandma!


 4. Batcat

The Dark Knight Kitten is ready to stop some criminals on the streets of Gotham this Halloween.


5. Batcat & Joker Kitten

The Cat Caped Crusader faces off against the maniac criminal mastermind Joker Kitten in Gotham.


 6. Pocathontas

“Just around the river bend,” this kitty is dressed up just like Pocathontas.


 7. King of the Backyard

With a huge fluffy furry mane, this kitty is taking over the backyard before becoming King of the Jungle.


 8. Snow White Cat

This fairest cat of them all is on the lookout to avoid any apples.


 9. Supercat

This Kitty of Steel flies to the rescue to save the Metropolis from the evil Lex Luther.


 10. Nyan Cat

Complete with a pop tart and colorful rainbow tail, this kitty hopes to become as popular as Nyan Cat this halloween.


 11. Marty McCat

This feline is ready to go Back to the Future in Doc’s DeLorean this Halloween.


 12. Bahia Cat

Dressed in her color fruit-hat costume, this kitty could make an appearance in Banana-da-Terra.


 13. Black Bat Cat

Taking to the skies on Halloween night, black bat cat is to scare.


 14. Elvis Catsly

This Halloween, get all shook up with this kitty dressed as the King himself.


 15. Pikachu Cat

Looking just like Pikachu, this furry kitty also has lightning-fast moves and shocking electric effects.


 16. Raggedy Cat Ann

With her red yarn hair and blue polka-dotted dress, Raggedy Cat Ann is just missing her brother, Andy.


 17. Rasta Cat

The Rastafarian Cat has the look complete with a rastacap and dreads.


 18. Tyrannosaurus Cat

The most ferocious of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Cat, is back from extinction.


 19. Chief Canine & Pilgrim Feline

This Halloween is truly a day to be thankful for. Chief Canine and Pilgrim Feline have united in peace.

Cute Cat Costumes

 20. Mario Kitten

The plumber from the hit video game Mario Bros. is just missing his cat brother Luigi Kitty.


 21. Business Cat

This cat is ready for the next board meeting . . . as long as it involves cat nip.


 22. Cat-ain America

As the leader of the Avengers, Cat-ain America defends America against villainous felines.


 23. Scuba Diver Cat

Most cats hate the water, but deep diving scuba cat suits up to go deep underwater.


 24. Cat in the Hat

“Meow, meow! Have no fear. Have no fear!” said the cat. “My tricks are not bad,” said the cat in the hat.


 25. Nick Furry

Don’t mess with this cat. He knows the Avengers.


 26. Cool Cat

That’s one cool cat right there. He’ll fit right in with Snoop Dog.


 27. Mus-cat-eer

Touché, Pussy Cat!


 28. Cat Witch

I’m not sure if this cat knows magic, but those eyes will surely put anyone under a spell.

Cat Witch

 29. Cat-ain Jack Sparrow

This grumpy feline is ready to sail the seven seas. Aye aye, Captain!

Cat-ain Jack Sparrow

 30. Princess Leia Cat-gana

Princess of Alderaan, Leia Cat-gana, is joined in Star Wars’ Luke Catwalker and Cat Solo.

Princess Leia Cat-gana

What was your favorite kitty cat costume? Let us know what you think of these awesome cat costumes in the comments below! Have a great picture of your cat in a costume? Send us a picture. 🙂

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