20 of the Best Dog Costumes Ever

20 of the Best Dog Costumes Ever

Halloween is coming up, and your dog needs to be dressed up too! Here is some serious costume inspiration for all you canine lovers.

1. Dog Chia Pet

Forget about those fake Chia Pets that you had as a child. Get a real Chia Pet.

Dog Chia Pet

 2. Fast Food Dogs

If this photo doesn’t make you smile, then there’s something wrong with you. What can be better than dogs dressed up as fast food? 🙂

Animals in Hats

3. Snoop Dog

It’s the original snoop d-o-g. Can you see the resemblance?

Snoop Dog

 4. Pug Life

These dogs didn’t choose the pug life. The pug life chose them.

Pug Life

5. Indiana Jones Dog

This dog sure looks ready for an adventure. Cuteness overload!

Indiana Jones Dog
Dean of Photography

6. Crocodog

This dog is dead meat.

Crocodile Food

7. Antoine Dogson

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids. Antoine Dogson is on the loose!

Antoine Dogson

8. Tiger Dog

If you can’t own a tiger, then you can do the next best thing. Paint your dog with tiger stripes for Halloween.

Tiger Dog

9. Yoda Dog

Looks great as Yoda the dog. This dog costume for Halloween is perfect.

Yoda Dog

10. Construction Dog

Not sure how they got this dog to pose like this, but this is just awesome.

Construction Dog

11. Bat Dog

Nananana Bat Dog! He’s the dog that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Bat Dog
Dog Costume

12. Spider Dog

Okay, this one freaks me out just a little bit. Can you imagine a spider that big?

Spider Dog

13. Pirate Dogs

Love the illusion of this costume. This dog seems to have found the treasure.

Pirate Dog

14. Dog Lion

Who’s the king of the concrete jungle? This dog lion, of course. This canine will make Mufasa proud.

Dog Lion

15. Justice League of Dogs

Dogs + Superheroes = EPIC.


16. Skeleton Dog

If you have a black dog, this is a great costume idea. Not sure how you would keep your dog from moving all over the place while you’re trying to paint him.

Skeleton Dog

17. Poodle Skirt

This costume takes the “poodle skirt” literally.

Poodle SkirtDavid Poe

18. Woofgang Pup

I’m sure this dog can’t cook, but it’s a creative costume that’s sure to get some laughs.

Woofgang Pup

19. Horse Dog

The only thing this dog costume is missing is the horse jockey.

Horse Dog

20. Hippie Dog

The dog’s face is perfect for this hippie costume. Peace, dude!

Hippie Dog

Which dog costume was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to share a photo of your dog’s costume as well 🙂

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