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Westworld Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Westworld Characters

Jump into the artificial western town of Westworld with these costume guides of the hit characters on the show. Do you know what world you’re walking into, or are you questioning your own reality? You can choose to be a visitor to this version of an amusement park or a Host who thinks they are living in a real town, but is starting to question what is real and what is generated. Discover all of the cosplay options for your favorite alternate reality, and go dressed with your friends as Westworld’s visitors, Hosts, and people behind the scenes controlling it all!

The Man in Black

Man in Black Costume

The Man in Black makes his appearance on Westworld in the very first episode. He makes it known in the first episode that he isn’t playing around, in his all black attire with serious gunslinging skills. The Man in Black has been around for longer than most visitors in Westworld, and he is on the hunt for a secret hiding inside the western world.

Man in Black Costume
Man in Black Costume Guide
Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay Costume

Maeve is a host in Westworld who knows exactly how to seduce the new visitors coming in town. Maeve is a brothel madam in the town’s saloon, and as the visitors are coming in and out- Maeve begins to notice something isn’t quite right with her reality. She knows to keep quiet about her questions, but she also needs to find out exactly what she is living in.

Maeve Millay Costume
Maeve Millay Costume Guide

Westworld Cosplay Costumes

Westworld is a fun option for cosplay because the costumes can be either futuristic robots or back-in-the-day western cowboys! This remake of the classic film has become a huge hit, and you can find all of the articles of clothing you need to make your favorite character into a cosplay outfit.

The robots, visitors, and clean-up technicians are all major parts of the show, so you and your friends can choose any character you love and follow the costume guides listed to recreate your favorite looks! Every character on Westworld has their own style and personality, and we have the costumes to match. Take a look around and choose who you want to become from Westworld!

Westworld Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the immersive and enigmatic world of Delos by exploring Westworld FAQs. Whether you’re a seasoned guest or new to the park, we’re here to answer your questions about creating costumes, exploring trivia, and celebrating the thought-provoking and complex narrative of the hit TV series Westworld.

Some recognizable costumes for Westworld characters include Dolores Abernathy’s blue prairie dress and cowboy boots, the Man in Black’s all-black Western attire and hat, Maeve Millay’s saloon madam outfit and choker, Teddy Flood’s cowboy outfit and revolver, and Bernard Lowe’s modern business attire with glasses. Don’t forget to add character-specific accessories, such as cowboy hats, holsters, and period-appropriate props.

Some lesser-known facts about Westworld include that the series is based on the 1973 film of the same name, written and directed by Michael Crichton. The show explores themes of artificial intelligence, consciousness, and free will. Additionally, the iconic player piano featured in the series is symbolic of automation and plays modern songs in a classical style, adding to the show’s anachronistic atmosphere.

To create a Dolores Abernathy costume, start with a light blue prairie-style dress with a white Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeves. Add a brown leather belt and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Style your hair in a half-updo with soft curls, similar to Dolores’ hairstyle in the show. Complete the look with natural makeup and a determined expression. Optionally, carry a revolver prop to represent Dolores’ evolution as a character.

Some memorable episodes or scenes from Westworld that can inspire a costume or party theme include the “Violent Delights” episode with the hosts’ awakening, the “Riddle of the Sphinx” episode exploring the concept of immortality, the “Akane No Mai” episode set in Shogun World, and the “Kiksuya” episode centered on the character of Akecheta. Recreate elements from these scenes, such as Western or samurai-themed costumes, Delos lab coats, and iconic locations like the Mariposa Saloon, for a fun and immersive experience.

“These violent delights have violent ends.” – Various Characters

“It doesn’t look like anything to me.” – Hosts

“I imagined a story where I didn’t have to be the damsel.” – Dolores Abernathy

“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores Abernathy

“You can’t play God without being acquainted with the Devil.” – Dr. Robert Ford

“An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he had read. He said that Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became music.” – Dr. Robert Ford

“The maze wasn’t meant for you.” – Ghost Nation Warrior

“I’m all the way down now. I can see all the way to the bottom.” – William (The Man in Black)

About Westworld

Westworld is a remake based on the original film from 1973. It was written and directed by the Jurassic Park creator, Michael Crichton. The reboot of Westworld sticks to the same premise, it is a western-thriller based in a amusement park with a twist. Visitors can travel to the fake western town and  pay to interact with the robots who “live” there.

The robots go about their everyday lives, but when they die, they are brought back to life to re-live the same day just so the visitors can be amused and “play the game.” The robots begin to figure out the system and have had quite enough of the visitors coming to their town…

Westworld Costumes