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The Lego Movie Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite The Lego Movie Characters

Stand out from the crowd and dress up as your favorite characters from The Lego Movie. There are various Lego Movie characters guides for you to look at – all in one place. No more would you have to wander around looking for the perfect guide to look like your favorite Lego Movie characters. The Lego Movie is based on the Lego construction toys and focuses on Emmet Brickowsky, an ordinary Lego miniature. He finds himself in resistance to stop tyrannical businessmen, or “The Man Upstairs”, from changing the Lego world into something they consider as “perfect”. Jump into the Lego world with our cosplay guide and bring a different dimension to your cosplay parties.

Emmet Brickowski

Emmet Brickowski Costume

Emmet Brickowsky is an ordinary miniature construction worker who gets pulled into a resistance movement against the evil Lord Business. After falling into a ditch, he finds the prophesized “Piece of Resistance” that is capable of stopping the Kragle, a super-weapon used by the evil Lord Business. By the end of the movie, Emmet becomes “The Special” master builder and ends up in a relationship with Lucy Wyldstyle. In order to disrupt the ploy by the man upstairs to glue the Lego pieces together, Emmet wills himself to move and catch the attention of Finn. To dress up as Emmet Brickowsky, you should take a look at our cosplay guides to learn what clothing and accessories you will need.

Emmet Brickowski Costume
Emmet Brickowski Costume Guide
Finn Lego Movie

Finn (Lego Movie) Costume

Finn is the son of the man upstairs who doesn’t allow Finn to play with his Lego collection. But Finn being the curious and creative boy that he is, lets his imagination run wild and creates an imaginary world with Lego characters. His imagination brings to life many adventures and ultimately the realization that teaches us what it means to not simply obey the rules and being courageous enough to create one’s own path. Transform yourself into Finn from the Lego Movie and give yourself the freedom to choose your own path. Your destiny awaits you in our step-by-step guides to The Lego Movie character costumes.

Finn (Lego Movie) Costume
Finn (Lego Movie) Costume Guide

The Lego Movie Cosplay Costumes

If you want to look like the protagonist Emmet Brickowsky, we have a comprehensive guide on how to look like the miniature construction worker. Or, if you prefer to cosplay Finn – the kid whose actions influence the events of the Lego World, there’s an option for that as well. Cosplaying the Lego Movie characters is sure to bring a smile upon everyone’s faces and turn you into an overnight star.

Cosplaying a computer-animated character from The Lego Movie comes with its own set of challenges. Bringing these characters to life may look easy but it is much easier said than done. That is why, to provide you with all that you need, we have created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the transformation process. All the characters’ cosplay guides go in-depth into what accessories and clothing will be required to successfully pull them off.

The Lego Movie Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the colorful and imaginative world of “The LEGO Movie,” a cinematic adventure that captivates audiences with its creativity, humor, and heart. This FAQ section is your guide to embodying the spirit and style of the film’s beloved characters, from the everyday hero Emmet Brickowski to the masterful and mysterious Wyldstyle, and the wise Vitruvius. Whether you’re crafting a costume for a convention, a themed party, or just for the fun of bringing LEGO to life, we’ll help you navigate the unique challenges of transforming these iconic, blocky characters into wearable art.

To cosplay as Emmet, focus on his construction worker outfit, which includes an orange safety vest over a blue long-sleeve shirt and blue pants. Don’t forget his hard hat, ID badge, and the Piece of Resistance glued to his back. For a more LEGO-like appearance, consider constructing accessories from cardboard or foam to mimic the blocky shape of LEGO figures. Emmet’s perpetually optimistic and enthusiastic demeanor is key to capturing his character.

Wyldstyle’s costume is all about her edgy, graffiti-inspired look. Her outfit features a black hoodie with colorful, angular designs, black pants with similar designs, and a dark blue skirt. Her hair is black with streaks of blue and pink, so a wig might be necessary unless you’re willing to temporarily color your hair. Accessories like her LEGO-shaped wrist cuffs and a homemade relic tracker can add authenticity. Embodying Wyldstyle’s confident and resourceful nature will bring the costume together.

Vitruvius’s costume requires a long white robe or tunic to reflect his wizardly status, complete with a fabric belt and a blue cape. His blind eyes can be suggested with sunglasses or specially designed goggles. Don’t forget his long, white beard and hair, which may require a wig and a fake beard unless you naturally have long white hair. A wooden staff topped with a translucent blue “crystal” represents his magical accessory. Vitruvius’s wise yet quirky personality should guide your portrayal.

Lord Business’s costume is defined by his tall, red helmet and his business suit with the Octan logo. For a more LEGO-authentic look, construct the helmet and shoulder pads from cardboard or foam to achieve the right angles and proportions. A black suit, a red tie, and an oversized LEGO piece for the Kragle (super glue) can complete the outfit. Capturing Lord Business’s over-the-top villainy and corporate demeanor is essential for this costume.

Including memorable quotes from “The LEGO Movie” can add depth and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“Everything is awesome!” – Emmet and the ensemble, the film’s catchy theme

“You’re the special, and you still don’t believe it!” – Wyldstyle to Emmet

“The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be.” – Vitruvius

“Honey, where are my paaaants?” – The sitcom actor, a running gag in the movie

“I am Lord Business, president of the Octan Corporation and the world!” – Lord Business

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, and be ready to deliver them with the appropriate flair and context for a truly immersive experience.

About The Lego Movie

Released in 2014, The Lego Movie is the brain-child of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The film was an instant critical and commercial success and grossed over $400 million worldwide. The movie appealed to children and adults alike thanks to its heartwarming message, stunning visuals, humor, and impeccable voice acting. The Lego Movie won multiple awards including an Academy Award for the best original song.

The success of the movie led to the expansion of the franchise with a sequel released in 2019. Other spin-offs like The Lego Batman Movie and the Lego Ninja Movie capitalized on the success of The Lego Movie. A 4D version of the Lego Movie was also released to Legoland parks throughout the world in 2016. All the Lego films are dedicated to Kathleen Fleming who was the former director of the Lego entertainment company after her death in 2013.

The Lego Movie Costumes