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The Incredibles Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite The Incredibles Characters

Browse through the costumes from members of Pixar’s superhero team, The Incredibles. This Academy Award-winning film takes place in an alternate 1960s era that follows the Parr family of “supers.” You can’t keep a hero down for long, and although outlawed, it’s not long before The Incredibles find themselves on the street fighting crime once again. Bring to life the characters of our favorite superhero family, like Dash Parr and Elastigirl. The line-up also includes some of their most troublesome villains like Syndrom and Screen Slaver. You don’t have to become a super yourself to dress up as one of these heroes with these step-by-step costume guides.


Elastigirl Costume

Helen Parr is the wife of Mr. Incredible and supermom to their kids. With her powers of incredible elasticity, above-average strength, and smarts, she was already a major hero in her own right before she fell in love. Unlike her husband, Bob, she seems to be content with her new family life, at first. She is usually the voice of reason and always tries to solve a problem first using her brain. When trying to get their public image back on track and battling Screen Saver, she steps up to be the main protagonist, giving Mr. Incredible the heroic challenge of trying to raise three super kids on his own.

Elastigirl Costume
Elastigirl Costume Guide

Frozone Costume

“Who’s the cat that’s always chill when survival odds are next to nil?” Frozone, of course! Lucius Best, or Uncle Lucius, is the ally and best-man of Mr. Incredible, who lives as the family’s neighbor under the Superhero relocation program. His powers allow him to manipulate and freeze water molecules, even in the air, hence the name “Frozone.” He also misses being a superhero and likes to recall the glory days with his best friend Bob. When they start fighting crime once more, he is always there to have their backs, often with a wisecrack at the ready. Or, even when the Parr’s need a babysitter.

Frozone Costume
Frozone Costume Guide

The Incredibles Cosplay Costumes

The Incredibles universe is filled to the brim with entertaining characters to cosplay. The family consists of mom Elastagirl, son Dash, Daughter violet, and, of course, dad Mr. Incredible. Don’t forget the wise-cracking family friend and fellow hero, Frozone. Or take an alternative approach to become one of the loathsome supervillain enemies—the disaffected Syndrome and the vengeful Screen Slaver. There are more than enough fun combinations for friends and family to cosplay!

Squeezing into a form-fitting full-body latex suit might be a superhero-worthy challenge for Mr. Incredible, but replicating these looks can be easier than you think. Each guide breaks down how to look like the character of your choice into easy to follow instructions. You’ll find everything you need so you can stretch like Elastagirl, lift a car like Mr. Incredible, freeze like Frozone, or dash, well, like Dash.

The Incredibles Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the action-packed world of “The Incredibles,” where family and superheroics collide in a blend of adventure, humor, and heart. This FAQ section is your guide to embodying the members of the Parr family, each with their own unique powers and personalities, or any of the memorable characters from this beloved Pixar franchise. Whether you’re aiming to capture Mr. Incredible’s strength, Elastigirl’s flexibility, or the youthful energy of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a touch of superpowered family dynamics, we’ll help you recreate the iconic looks and essence of “The Incredibles.”

To cosplay as Mr. Incredible, focus on his superhero suit: a red bodysuit with black and yellow accents, featuring the iconic “i” logo on the chest. Adding muscle padding can help achieve his bulky, strong physique. Complete the look with black gloves, boots, and a black mask to cover the eyes. Embodying Mr. Incredible’s brave and sometimes overzealous nature, along with his deep love for his family, will bring depth to your portrayal.

For an Elastigirl costume, wear a similar red bodysuit with black and yellow accents and the “i” logo. Elastigirl’s outfit is sleeker and designed for flexibility, reflecting her powers. Include black gloves and thigh-high boots, along with a black mask to cover the eyes. Capturing Elastigirl’s intelligence, resourcefulness, and maternal instincts, along with her ability to stretch into any role, will enhance your portrayal of this dynamic character.

To cosplay as Violet Parr, incorporate her red superhero suit with the “i” logo, along with black gloves and boots. Violet’s distinguishing feature is her long, straight hair that she often uses to hide her face, reflecting her initial shyness. Creating props like a “force field” from transparent blue material or wire can represent her powers. Embodying Violet’s journey from a timid teenager to a confident hero, including her invisibility and force field generation, will make for a compelling representation.

A Dash costume requires the family’s red superhero suit with black and yellow accents and the “i” logo, along with black gloves and boots. Dash’s youthful energy and speed can be captured with dynamic poses or even roller skates/blades to simulate his super speed. His short, blonde hair and mischievous grin reflect his playful and adventurous personality. Embodying Dash’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for being a superhero will bring authenticity to your costume.

Including memorable quotes from “The Incredibles” can add character and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“No capes!” – Edna Mode
“I’m not strong enough.” – Mr. Incredible
“Strong enough? And this will make you stronger?” – Elastigirl
“You have more power than you realize. Don’t think. And don’t worry. If the time comes, you’ll know what to do.” – Helen Parr to Violet
“It’s showtime.” – Dash

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate energy and emotion for a truly immersive experience.

About The Incredibles

The Incredibles was written and directed by Brad Bird and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It takes place in an alternate 1960s where superheroes are outlawed because of the collateral damage caused by their crime-fighting. Living in a relocation program with his superhero family, Mr. Incredible can’t help but remember his glory days. It’s not long before he gets drawn back into the world of crime-fighting. Not to be left out, his family soon joins in the crime-fighting fun.

The past often comes back to haunt the family. Syndrome wishes to destroy the family because Mr. Incredible rejected his role as a sidekick. Later, Screen Slaver aims to eliminate all superheroes for not saving her father, who always believed in them. With their powers as a family, the team can overcome any obstacle, especially when helped out by their neighbor, Frozone. The first award-winning The Incredibles movie was released in 2004 with the sequel, Incredibles 2, following in 2018.

The Incredibles Costumes