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The Greatest Showman Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite The Greatest Showman Characters

Browse through all your favorite The Greatest Showman costumes and cosplay guides and know-how to convincingly pull them off. The Greatest Showman is a 2017 biographical musical drama film inspired by the story of Barnum and Bailey circus. Following the lives and star attractions of the circus, The Greatest Showman has nine original songs that became quite popular following the movie’s release. There are many characters for you to choose to dress up as, including P.T Barnum and Anne Wheeler. These characters have been at the forefront of showmanship and are charismatic in their own right. Now you too can be a part of P.T. Barnum’s circus and become the greatest showman of your cosplay party.

P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum Costume

P.T. Barnum, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, is the protagonist of the movie that created the Barnum and Bailey circus singlehandedly. He is exceptionally talented in the world of showbusiness and has a knack for publicity and spotting new talent for his circus. It is his imagination and innovative ideas that see him rise to the top of the world as the greatest showman on the planet. In order to dress up like P.T Barnum, you must check out our cosplay guide and take note of the various clothing items and accessories required to pull him off with conviction and confidence.

P.T. Barnum Costume
P.T. Barnum Costume Guide
Anne Wheeler

Anne Wheeler Costume

Anne Wheeler is a fictitious character in the biographical film on P.T. Barnum. She is one of the circus’ best acts and is extremely athletic. As an African American woman, she is quite introverted and audacious. She is an expert trapeze artist and is confident in her role. But in her life outside the circus, she is deeply affected by the racism of the 19th century and finds it hard to feel truly accepted in society. With our cosplay guides, now you can dress up as this beautiful yet misunderstood and discriminated trapeze artist and show off your skills at the cosplay party.

Anne Wheeler  Costume
Anne Wheeler Costume Guide

The Greatest Showman Cosplay Costumes

P.T. Barnum’s circus is full of surprises and illusions. Sometimes, there is no telling who’s who, which is the prime feature of cosplaying. You can dress up as the head of the circus – P.T. Barnum as portrayed by Hugh Jackman. If you really want to stick out, you can even dress up as The Bearded Lady. All the characters have unique costumes that are bright and outlandish to serve the purpose of circus entertainment.

Cosplaying the Greatest Showman characters can be a bit challenging. But, thanks to our cosplay guide, you won’t be left in the dark anymore. All the various costumes and accessories required to transform into each character are provided in one place. Simply choose the one that you want to portray and get a hold of the clothing. Truly, the circus people are always the backbone of any party and get the most attention.

About The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman was director Michael Gracey’s debut film. It follows the story of P.T. Barnum growing up in the early 1800s. He has a natural talent for publicity and promotion and turns to showbusiness. There he finds a place for his endless imagination to take flight as he creates the Barnum and Bailey circus out of scratch. The circus has many catchy musical pieces, exotic and acrobatic dancers, and mesmerizing spectacles that take the world by storm and put P.T. Barnum on the verge of becoming the greatest Showman in the world.

The film received mixed reviews but was highly acclaimed for its performances and musical numbers, for which it even received a Golden Globe award and an Academy nomination. Dress up as your favorite circus characters from P.T. Barnum’s world and inject some life into the party to become the greatest showman.

The Greatest Showman Costumes