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The Emperor’s New Groove Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite The Emperor’s New Groove Characters

Are you looking to dress up as The Emperor’s New Groove characters? Browse through all your favorite character costumes and cosplay guides and keep up the spirit of cosplay. The Emperor’s New Groove is an American animated comedy that follows a young Incan emperor who is transformed into a llama. He must trust a village leader if he is to return back to his human form. Dress up like the pampered Emperor Kuzco or connive against the leader and become the poison bearer Kronk. Cosplaying the Emperor’s New Groove will see to it that no one will dare throw you off your groove.


Kronk Costume

Kronk is Yzma’s henchman and a royal advisor to the emperor Kuzco. Kronk is the most recurring character of the franchise with a movie of his own. Serving as the comic relief, he even breaks the fourth wall now and then. He is quite knowledgeable but that is overshadowed by his slow wit that is his defining trait. Even though he is working with the villain, he is quite courteous and patient. When Kronk is faced with a moral dilemma, his shoulder angels and devils appear, who, instead of helping Kronk, end up mocking each other. Dress up as the muscular Kronk with our special cosplay guide.

Kronk Costume
Kronk Costume Guide

Yzma Costume

Yzma is the primary guardian and advisor of the young Incan Emperor Kuzco. She is seen as cruel and conniving, yet comically eccentric. She considers herself beautiful but everyone around her thinks she’s scary beyond all reason. She has a quick wit and obsesses over grandiose plans of overthrowing the Emperor, but always glosses over minor details. She is an alchemist and a sorcerer but ends up accidentally using a llama extract instead of a poison. She even tries to act as Empress in Kuzco’s absence, which gets her fired later. Dress up as this eccentric evil sorcerer and become the wicked advisor from the Emperor’s New Groove.

Yzma Costume
Yzma Costume Guide

The Emperor’s New Groove Cosplay Costumes

There are many characters for you to choose from. If you are attracted to the Incan Emperor, there is a comprehensive guide on how to look like him. If, however, you tend to side with the evil types, you can dress up as Yzma and plot against the Emperor. Regardless of which character you cosplay, dressing up as the Emperor’s New Groove characters can be so much fun.

It can be hard dressing up as a character from a bygone culture. But fret not. The outfits of all characters designed after the Incan culture are provided in our cosplay guides. All you have to do is take note of all the clothing items and accessories that you will require and you can quickly transform yourself into your favorite The Emperor’s New Groove character. Cosplaying is no laughing matter until you do it right.

The Emperor’s New Groove Costume Tips & FAQs

Plunge into the hilarious and heartwarming world of “The Emperor’s New Groove” with our FAQ section. This animated comedy, a favorite for its quick wit and memorable characters, follows the story of the egocentric Emperor Kuzco as he’s transformed into a llama and learns valuable lessons on humility and friendship. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner llama or capture the essence of Pacha’s kindness, this guide will help you recreate the iconic looks and spirits of the film’s beloved characters for your next cosplay or themed event.

To dress up as Kuzco in his llama form, opt for a white and black bodysuit that mimics a llama’s fur, and don’t forget to include his distinctive blue tassel earrings. A llama headpiece or hood with large ears and expressive eyes will help complete the transformation. Emphasizing Kuzco’s dramatic expressions and royal demeanor, even in llama form, will bring the character to life.

Pacha, the kind-hearted villager, is best represented by his simple yet iconic attire. Wear a cream-colored tunic, a green poncho, and brown pants. Sandals, a red sash belt, and a hat similar to a chullo (a traditional Andean hat with earflaps) will help authenticate the look. Pacha’s friendly and warm personality should be reflected in your demeanor.

Yzma’s costume is all about capturing her extravagant and slightly sinister style. Opt for a long, flowing, purple dress, accented with a high, feathered collar and a belt. Her oversized, circular earrings and a dramatic headpiece that resembles her hair are key. Don’t forget to apply dramatic makeup, including her distinctively large eyelashes and a deep purple lipstick, to complete Yzma’s look.

To cosplay as Kronk, the lovable and muscular sidekick, focus on his simple tunic and vest combo, typically in shades of yellow and orange. Adding a chef’s hat or apron can reference his love for cooking, especially his spinach puffs. Embodying Kronk’s good-natured and somewhat naïve personality, along with his physical strength, will make for a convincing portrayal.

Including memorable quotes from “The Emperor’s New Groove” can add an extra layer of fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few favorites:

“Boom, baby!” – Emperor Kuzco
“Why do we even have that lever?” – Yzma
“No touchy.” – Emperor Kuzco
“Squeak, squeaker, squeakin’.” – Kronk, interpreting for “Squeaky,” the squirrel
“Pull the lever, Kronk! Wrong lever!” – Yzma
Choose a quote that fits your character or the situation you might find yourself in at the event, and deliver it with the character’s flair for a memorable and entertaining experience.

About The Emperor’s New Groove

Directed by Mark Dindal, the Emperor’s New Groove is Disney’s 40th animated feature film. At first, it was meant to be a dramatic musical but due to box office failures of many of the Disney movies that preceded it, the Emperor’s New Groove became a light-hearted comedy instead. Although it didn’t receive commercial success at the box office, it did find large success when it was released for home media. As the bestselling DVD of 2001, it was received favorably by critics and audiences alike.

A sequel titled Kronk’s New Groove and an animated spin-off called The Emperor’s New School was released following the success of Emperor’s New Groove. Two video games were also released with the sequels, infiltrating the households further. Now you can dress up as your favorite character from The Emperor’s New Groove and bring back the good old days of millennial Disney cartoon shows and movies.

The Emperor’s New Groove Costumes